The Complex World of Pro Scouting, Internal Promotions, Whack Mack Perception, and Other Bears Bullets

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The Complex World of Pro Scouting, Internal Promotions, Whack Mack Perception, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

What does it say about me that I think watching the Cubs play in games that end with football scores is preparing me for what’s on the horizon?

•   The Bears announced six promotions for front office members on Tuesday. LaMar “Soup” Campbell (Vice President of Player Engagement), Jeff King (Director of Pro Scouting), Sam Summerville (National Scout), Scott Hamel (Southeast Area Scout), Brendan Rehor (Midwest Area Scout), and Drew Raucina (Combine Scout) need to update their respective business cards. It is good to see in-house promotions in a front office. Firstly, it’s a sign of a healthy workplace when there is upward movement within the building. Secondly, it shows appreciation when employees get to move up the ladder. And, most importantly, it is a sign of a job well done. Keep up the good work, and good things will follow.

•   Bears Chairman George McCaskey and Assistant Director of Player Personnel Champ Kelly spoke at the recent NFL Quarterback Coaching Summit. Once again a virtual event because *gestures at 2020 and 2021* is a joint effort between the NFL and Black College Football Hall of Fame that sets forth to create paths for minority coaching and player development candidates to develop and advance in the professional ranks. If you’ll recall, Kelly took part in it last year. A year later Kelly returned, where his explanation of what he does and why it is important reminds me of why there is a belief he’ll be a future GM.

•   In a snapshot, you might think pro scouting simply boils down to watching NFL players. But there is so much more, as Kelly breaks it down into five different responsibilities. Preseason scouting, advance scouting, postseason self-scouting, free agency assessments, and NFL Draft assistance are all under that pro scouting umbrella. Assisting in the NFL Draft sounds like something out of place, but Kelly says: “I think it’s vital for pro scouts to know what’s coming into the league.” That makes sense. Also … team work makes the dream work.

•   If the Bears’ offensive line plays well in 2021, Germain Ifedi figures to play an important role. And if that happens, it could be seen as a testamant to pro scouting. Over at Bear Report, Zack Pearson writes about the former right guard sliding into the tackle spot in the latest in their Under-The-Radar series.

•   There is a perception in some NFL circles that Khalil Mack is slowing down. But perhaps things that are out of Mack’s control are contributing to this line of thinking:

•   Alright, so if Eddie Goldman decides on opting out of playing in 2021, it won’t be by using the one path given to players by the NFL:

•   My gut feeling is that Goldman still shows up to camp and on time. That has been the expectation for a while. Maybe he’ll give an explanation as to why he was absent from mandatory minicamp. Perhaps he won’t. In the end, I understand the angst surrounding Goldman’s situation when no one has heard him speak publicly all year.

•   Also worth noting is that Chicago brought in Mike Pennel as an insurance policy. The 30-year-old nose tackle has 91 games (16 starts) worth of NFL experience under his belt. Should the worst-case scenario present itself, at least the Bears have an in-house option who can play the position. Simply put, there aren’t enough people with the size and skill to play nose tackle. So having Pennel as a contingency plan is mildly reassuring, even if he isn’t on Goldman’s level.

•   This video got a chuckle out of me:

•   Who knows what to expect out of this partnership:

•   The BN Trade Deadline Blogathon is BACK AGAIN this year, and the Cubs are set to give Brett so much to write about later this month. You can check out the full announcement here, and please give to Make-A-Wish here.

•   Tomáš Satoransky could be a unique trade piece for a re-tooling Bulls team. Perhaps the Olympics will provide a showcase of his talents:

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