Dalton Slings It, Hester Takes It Back, Jaylon's Toughest Job, and Other Bears Bullets

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Dalton Slings It, Hester Takes It Back, Jaylon’s Toughest Job, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’ve had quite the time the last few nights, but am ready to spend an entire rainy day watching movies. But first, let’s talk some football.

•   There are only 34 days until Justin Fields takes his first snaps as a member of the Chicago Bears. Yes, it’s just a preseason game. But I find myself geeking out about it today because (1) 34 is an important number in Bears history and (2) the expectation is that Fields will get ample playing time during the exhibition season. If you’ve been reading us for long enough, then you already know I don’t have much love for the preseason. But I’m willing to change my tune this year for obvious reasons. I’m ready to roll with QB1-of-the-future.

•   In more countdown news, there are 63 days until the Bears kick off their 2021 season. To help pass the time, here are some Devin Hester highlights:

•   Look … we’ll need *some* buffer between now and Week 1 because I’m not trying to burn us out on quarterback talk. Don’t get me wrong, now. I thoroughly enjoy QB competitions and following the madness that’s ahead. HOWEVER, it’s OK to take a step back at anything that has nothing to do with the quarterbacking situation. Bonus points for throwback stuff that brings happy thoughts to mind.

•   Alright. Now that we have that out of the way, Andy Dalton posted a video that serves as a reminder that he is still QB1:

•   Lost in the madness of signing Dalton near the outset of free agency is that he has a track record of being a capable quarterback. So long as we set reasonable expectations for Dalton, we won’t be disappointed when he isn’t something we never thought he would be.

•   I think it’s important to keep in perspective Dalton’s role with *THIS* team. Dalton is a bridge to a better tomorrow at the QB position. A placeholder. Someone who is keeping the seat warm for a player with a brighter future. Dalton knows he isn’t here for the long haul, so he’ll go out in 2021 auditioning for 31 other teams to prove he can be a bridge or a top backup. And in the video above, I think the message Dalton wants to send is clear — I can still sling it enough to make a sizzle reel, just in case you were curious.

•   How is this humanly possible?


•   Jaylon Johnson will truly earn CB1 honors with a good game against DK Metcalf when the Bears and Seahawks square off on December 26 in Week 16.

•   Which receiver matchup are you most looking forward to seeing this year? With Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Ja’Marr Chase, Odell Beckham Jr., Davante Adams, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, DeAndre Hopkins, and Justin Jefferson being among those on the Bears’ schedule, Johnson will have his work cut out for him. Hope he is as up for the challenge as I am to watch.

•   I, for one, was really hoping it would stick as the Washington Football Team. But because of trademark and franchising things, it can’t happen. Nevertheless, change is coming:

•   In some corners, there are fans who would want it to go back to what it was. And part of me understands it, if only because I realize how difficult change can be for those who are stuck in their ways. But it wasn’t until I was in college 16 (!) years ago when I understood why that nickname/mascot was no good. In fact, it took someone of Native American descent to explain it for me to understand. Different life perspectives can be good.

•   Barkevious Mingo, a former Bears linebacker who signed with the Falcons in the offseason, was arrested on a second-degree felony charge of indecency with a child. Hours after the news dropped, the Falcons terminated his contract.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.