Here's a Delicious Comp For Justin Fields

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Here’s a Delicious Comp For Justin Fields

Chicago Bears

We are 33 days from seeing Justin Fields take his first snaps with the Bears when the preseason kicks off on Aug. 14. And before we get to that point, we’ll have ample time to break down Chicago’s quarterback battle.

But no discourse will match what Kyle Brandt brought to the table:

I don’t think there is a more accurate analogy to be made when it comes to the Fields-Dalton situation. It’s perfect. Flawless, even. Think about it.

Andy Dalton is Caesar Salad. At the right price, and in the right moment, I’ll eat some salad. Begrudgingly, to be sure. But I’m hungry, so whatever. Salad is a perfectly cromulent placeholder knowing that pizza is coming. I know that I don’t want to fill myself before pizza comes. And while I didn’t get my preferred choice as far as appetizers — I’m a wings/garlic bread/mozzarella sticks guy — I was given my choice in pizza joints. So, I’ll keep my complaints to a minimum. Lose a battle to win a war, ya know? With that in mind, the salad will do … even if it is pricer than I thought it would be.

Justin Fields is pizza. Maybe you like tavern cut more than deep dish. Or perhaps you’re a New York Style kind of person. But if you’re anything like me, so long as it’s not the provel-loaded St. Louis Style, I’ll take whatever pizza you’re willing to shove in my face. And the Fields pie looks awfully good!

Now, there will come a point where you no longer want to munch on appetizers. But the problem is that a good pizza takes some time to cook. It’s why we ordered salad in the first place. However, we must still be careful — even when the pizza arrives. Let the waiter place it in the middle of the table. Allow them to carefully cut slices of hot pie, and serve it to everyone on the table. Don’t be greedy and take an extra slice now. And don’t be overzealous and start chowing down before everyone gets theirs. Play it cool. Let the pizza cool down before you burn the roof of your mouth because you had no discipline.

In signing Dalton, the Bears had to sign off on settling for salad knowing pizza was on the way. And, in drafting Fields, they had to be OK with letting the pizza cook. It’s the perfect analogies.

Now, you’re probably asking if you trust the chefs in the kitchen. And that’s certainly fair. I suppose we’ll find out whenever the pizza is ready. Or if it turns out the salad stinks and I was right about getting mozzarella sticks instead…

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.