Peyton Manning and ESPN Are Teaming Up for 10 Alternate Monday Night Football Broadcasts

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Peyton Manning and ESPN Are Teaming Up for 10 Alternate Monday Night Football Broadcasts

Chicago Bears

As ESPN has churned through broadcast crews on Monday Night Football, there have been two constants.

First, the network’s insistence on wooing Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning into the booth. And second would be Manning’s rejection of ESPN’s overtures. But finally, ESPN got its man(ning) for MNF.

Well, kinda:

Peyton and Eli Manning are teaming up with ESPN for an alternative broadcast of Monday Night Football featuring the quarterbacking brothers. The Manning MegaCast will air on ESPN2 as the regular broadcast goes on ESPN. And rather than a traditional play-by-play call of the action, the Mannings will have celebrity guests who join them as they work remotely. All in all, it’s a pretty neat substitute for fans who want something different out of the MNF broadcast.

Whether the Mannings’ MegaCast will broadcast a Bears game is yet to be seen. To this point, only the first three MNF games are scheduled to get the MegaCast treatment. In other words, the Mannings will choose the other seven showdowns at a later date. Perhaps that will play in the Bears’ favor.

Remember, Chicago’s football team has two Monday Night Football appearances later in the NFL calendar. The first is on the road against the Steelers on November 8th. Then, six weeks later, the Bears will host the Vikings on December 20th. But considering Peyton’s affection for the Bears’ history, and his relationship with Matt Nagy, it won’t take much of an imagination to envision a Manning MegaCast featuring the Monsters of the Midway.

And if Justin Fields is playing, I’m gonna want Manning’s eyes on that game. Surely, I’m not alone in wanting this.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.