Your Friday Fields: Proof That He’s a Perfect Fit for Matt Nagy's Ideal Offense

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Your Friday Fields: Proof That He’s a Perfect Fit for Matt Nagy’s Ideal Offense

Chicago Bears

Once training camp begins, then hands the baton to the preseason, we’ll start to see how Justin Fields fits within the confines of the Chicago Bears’ offense. Until then, we’re left to dream on Fields’ tremendous upside.

Adding to the pile of mounting evidence explaining why you should be excited about Fields donning a Bears uniform for the foreseeable future is this:

Brett Kollman’s film breakdowns are top-notch stuff. Especially when he is focusing in on quarterbacks. And for the first time in a hot minute, the Bears have a quarterback whose film dazzles in a way that provides hope for the future. Kollman’s tape work suggests Chicago chose a solid quarterback prospect who fits what Head Coach Matt Nagy wants to do with his offense. So, with that in mind, I encourage you to clear some time to watch the video above.

The combination of spread concepts teamed with West Coast Offense themes vibe with what the Chiefs ran so well while Andy Reid was calling plays. And if you’ll recall, Nagy got a taste of that when he was failing up play calls at the end of his run as offensive coordinator. Since we’re thinking about it, let’s re-visit this video featuring a breakdown of Nagy’s offense from Tom Thayer:

There is so much to like about what Fields brings to the table. But if he can unlock some stuff we haven’t seen from Nagy, then that would be an additional bonus. Because while we can admire what Nagy has done as a head coach to keep the team afloat despite sub-optimal quarterbacking, Nagy the play-caller has a lot of ground to make up. If Fields can help bring Nagy’s offense to life, then we’ll have something cooking at Soldier Field.

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