Peanut's HOF Case, Eyes On Future Linemen, Rodgers' Last Dance? And Other Bears Bullets

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Peanut’s HOF Case, Eyes On Future Linemen, Rodgers’ Last Dance? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Bears rookies can report to training camp today.

Bring on the new guys!

•   NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport called it a “riddle most fans can figure out.” But is it?

•   Does this mean it’s time to re-watch The Last Dance? Are the Packers gearing up to make 2021 the new 1998? Is Aaron Rodgers off to play baseball? He has the arm action and is old enough to be a sage, mustachioed ace reliever. Will Davante Adams step into the role of 1994 Scottie Pippen, play at an MVP level without Rodgers, only to be most known for sitting out a play because it is designed for Robert Tonyan? Is Adams trying to tell us he’ll be watching Packers games from the stands drinking out of a styrofoam cup? The possibilities are endless!

•   This would be fun:

•   To me, it’s wild to read about multiple sports books believing Aaron Rodgers will be retiring this week. That whole concept feels so bonkers. But in an offseason that has been so odd, we, as football fans, need to brace for any and all possibilities. Because, while it feels like a long-shot that Rodgers would go full petty and retire this way, that it’s even a thought is kinda funny.

•   Over at WGN, the Bears fan who survived a June shooting discusses his visit from Bears QB Justin Fields.

•   Because road teams wear white, I don’t imagine Bears fans will see the Browns in these outfits when they travel to Cleveland in Week 3. Nevertheless, this is a sharp look:

•   With NFL training camps opening in full swing next week, it is worth noting that Trey Lance (Niners), Zach Wilson (Jets), and Rashawn Slater (Vikings) are the only first-round picks who don’t have their rookie contracts signed. Tick, tock.

•   Considering the Bears’ future needs, this feels like a timely thing to share:

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   Louder for the folks in the back:

•   Sometimes a Hall of Fame case boils down to this: Can you tell the story of football without this player? I don’t think you can tell the story of football without including Charles Tillman’s contributions. The Peanut Punch was a game-changer in real time, forcing turnovers — which we know is an important aspect of winning football. On top of that, players who have arrived since Tillman have been trying to copy his patented move for years. Years into the future when we’re old, white-haired fans reminiscing about the glorious Justin Fields days, we’ll also be telling the younglings that forced fumble was inspired by a Bears legend.

•   So, I suppose that even if Tillman doesn’t make the hall, his legacy is in good hands. And yet, I think he should get Hall of Fame recognition.

•   This feels encouraging:

•   The Blackhawks were busy beavers on Friday:

•   Eli takes a look around the NBA as its offseason gets into full gear in five days when the Draft goes on the clock:

Author: Luis Medina

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