Let's Discuss the Perks, Incentives, and Competitive Advantages of NFL Players Getting Vaccinated

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Let’s Discuss the Perks, Incentives, and Competitive Advantages of NFL Players Getting Vaccinated

Chicago Bears

The elephant in the room is unavoidable. And as long as COVID-19 is impacting how professional football operates, we can’t ignore it. That’s just how things will be until further notice. So, brace yourselves for reporters asking players about their vaccination status.

And, in turn, prepare for answers like this from Allen Robinson II:

I’ll say this: I can get my mind to a place where I understand where players don’t want their medical history on the record. Privacy is important and all that jazz. However, we also need to come to a realization of how advantageous it is for these NFLers to get the vaccination. As Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy, there are incentives for the team and player for getting the vaccination. So, let’s point some out.

For instance, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Ravens running back Gus Edwards tested positive and will miss the first 10 days of training camp. Missing time now means missing practices in the summer. Practice reps can be made up. But if this were to happen during the regular season, a 10-day absence could mean a player misses game(s). I don’t know about you, but I’d hate for this Bears team to be without a key player for 10 days. Especially one as good and important as the team’s WR1.

A larger perspective of the differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated players, via NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero:

In the end, there are real and tangible reasons as to why a player should get the vaccination. And in turn, there are real and tangible reasons for reporters to continue to ask. Because as long as there are competitive advantages to be had, players and teams will go out and seek them. It’s a concept that is as old as the game itself. As is reporters trying to get information. Even from a football-only perspective, this stuff matters. And that’s to say nothing of the countless other reasons.

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