DraftKings Has Nick Foles as the Favorite to be the Colts’ Week 1 Starter

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DraftKings Has Nick Foles as the Favorite to be the Colts’ Week 1 Starter

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Carson Wentz’s foot injury that put him “out indefinitely” now has a timetable that could put him out for up to 12 weeks. So, should his return to the lineup take a while, it could leave the Indianapolis Colts scrambling for a new quarterback option.

And in the eyes of one sports book, Wentz’s replacement will be a familiar face:

Nick Foles stepping in for Carson Wentz on a team with postseason aspirations. Sounds familiar. Does anyone know if that has happened in the past? Think it could work? Regardless of the answer to those two questions, the oddsmakers installing Foles as the betting favorite to be Indy’s QB1 in Week 1 is eye-opening. And if it isn’t eye-opening to you, then note that Jacob Eason — a Colts fourth-round pick in 2020 — is not even on the board. That speaks volumes about what the book thinks about (1) Eason’s talent, floor, upside, and potential, as well as (2) the opportunities to bring in someone from outside the building.

Another notable mention from DraftKings is Tyler Bray. The 29-year-old journeyman backup has taken a grand total of 9(!) snaps in his professional career. All things equal, I don’t understand how his name is on the board and Eason’s isn’t. But, again, it feels like that says a lot more about Eason than it does about Bray. Then again, whatever that says, it shouldn’t take an expert translator to know it’s not saying anything good.

For what it’s worth, Foles said some stuff that makes him sound like he would be open to a trade to the Colts. If the feeling is mutual, then a deal between the Bears and Colts makes sense from a logical standpoint. Even if Wentz might not like it because it could take him to a place where he is feeling déjà vu all over again.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.