Reps Watch, Nichols Wrecking Dolphins, Feisty Football, and Other Bears Bullets

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Reps Watch, Nichols Wrecking Dolphins, Feisty Football, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

This is a sentence I didn’t think I’d write in 2021: I’m glad I went and saw Limp Bizkit when I did. And for free, too.

Those words came from my brain to the keyboard after reading about the rest of their tour being cancelled.

•   I see we have dueling opinions out of Miami:

•   And then today happened:

•   It’s important to remember that Fields is human. The “wow” moments are awesome, but don’t forget that not every pass will be a score. And not every broken play will turn into a dazzling highlight-reel run. Ultimately, it’s good to see differing opinions on how a player looks at camp. It is part humbling. But also serves as an important reminder that not everything is sunshine and rainbows all the time. And if Fields saw that slight and used it as motivation, then by all means, keep on tweeting.

•   There is a common ground understanding that there is no one sure-fire way to develop a rookie quarterback. And as Patrick Finley (Sun-Times) points out, the Bears’ recent guests at training camp can attest to that concept. In the end, it’s good to bring in as much perspective and nuance to this situation. It takes a village to raise a quarterback. And it probably takes one with vast ideas and different angles to put them on the path to success.

•   Get. Him. Reps.

•   If not now, then on Saturday.

•   It sounds like things are getting feisty and I dig it:

•   So long as no one gets hurt, these practice issues really aren’t issues. They are perfectly normal occurrences that tend to happen when teams start hitting someone other than a player they’ve been practicing against for weeks. This is good and healthy interaction between football-playing humans.

•   Hook this directly into my veins:

•   Admittedly, I have my concerns about the Bears’ defensive secondary. But the front seven wrecking things up front could help soften the blow that comes with a secondary that was reportedly getting cooked by Mack Hollins on Wednesday.

•   I think the Bears will miss Charles Leno Jr. more than some might otherwise think:

•   OPE! I see the Bears aren’t alone in having issues with a top OL prospect’s health:

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   For the LULZ:

•   Ah, I see the incentives are working in the NFL:

•   Michael Jordan went from taking out his frustrations with Jerry Krause on Toni Kukoc to inducting him into the Hall of Fame. That’s growth:

•   Looking into what the 2021-22 Blackhawks might look like:

•   #GoCubsTank:

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