The Washington Football Team's Nickname Search is Down to Three Names

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The Washington Football Team’s Nickname Search is Down to Three Names

Chicago Bears

Once the Washington Football Team ditched its old nickname, online spaces in the football world allowed themselves to have fun with possible alternatives down the line.

Now that we’re nearly one year removed from seeing the Washington Football Team establish itself as such, a new nickname appears to be on the horizon:

Even though the final three haven’t been revealed, CBS Sports shares the eight finalists from which the top three options were chosen. All in all, it isn’t a bad list to choose from as far as nicknames go. I’ll admit to being partial to Washington Football Team, but someone can sway my opinion with a strong case for any of the options above.

If the franchise insists on bringing “Red” back to the nickname mix, it has options. Although, I’d say Redhogs seems like a more fun option than Redwolves. Commanders and Defenders feel like nicknames we would choose in a Madden video game create-a-team mode. Brigade and Armada are off-the-board options that raise my eyebrows for the right reasons. Both roll right off the tongue when saying them out loud. But Washington Presidents? Nah. Sounds boring to me.

Anyone have a favorite?

The Bears aren’t scheduled to play the Washington [Fill-in-the-Blanks] until 2022, when the NFC East teams pop up as opponents. It will be a home game for Chicago for the Bears at Soldier Field (unless something unexpected happens).

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.