Khalil Mack Comes In at No. 23 on NFL Network's Top-100 Players Right Now (And That's Probably Too Low)

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Khalil Mack Comes In at No. 23 on NFL Network’s Top-100 Players Right Now (And That’s Probably Too Low)

Chicago Bears

No, I’m not tiring of writing about Khalil Mack’s awesomeness.

And I doubt you’re tiring of reading about it. So as long as Mack remains awesome, and his peers continue to rate him as such, we’ll continue enjoying sharing content like this:

Mack comes in at No. 23 on the NFL Network’s list of top-100 players right now. He joins receiver Allen Robinson II as the only Bears on the list. And much like Robinson, Mack’s ranking on the NFL Network list — which is comprised by votes from NFL players — is lower than a similar one put together by PFF. If you’ll recall, the brains at Pro Football Focus rank Mack as their sixth-best player right now. Moreover, Mack is the game’s second-best defensive player going at this time in PFF’s eyes. Coming in within the top-25 isn’t small potatoes. But I can’t believe the nerds (and I use this term affectionately, of course) are giving the Bears’ studs higher rankings than their peers are handing out. What gives?

Is Bears Twitter going to have to form an alliance with PFF and squash the beef int he wake of all this? Who’s to say…

All in all, I hope Mack and Robinson go Jedi legend mode on opponents this year. And do so to the point they regret not ranking either player higher. Because both players deserve more respect than they’re getting. Especially from the guys they take the field with on Sundays.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.