A Flawed Argument Against Fields, NFL's Gambling Gains, Soldier Field Weirdness, and Other Bears Bullets

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A Flawed Argument Against Fields, NFL’s Gambling Gains, Soldier Field Weirdness, and Other Bears Bullets

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The Kanye West Donda Album Experience was unlike anything I’ve been a part of in terms of live performance. It was absurd performance art to the extreme. There was some weird for the sake of weird. At times, the atmosphere felt like I was witnessing an initiation to some sort of cult. And then there were other moments where it felt like I was watching guys hanging on a porch just listening to jams.

Mr. West remains a flawed individual. Someone who creates unnecessary controversy for the sake of self promotion. But somehow, while doing so, West loops in superb and inspired musical production. In a way, the title of his upcoming album (assuming it actually drops and that the album isn’t a series of bizarro live-show experiences) being Donda fits because it cuts two ways for me. Because Donda West, Kanye’s mother, is ultimately *THE* inspiration for *gestures at whatever the heck that was last night* and is the one person who could’ve saved her son from the slide he has experienced in recent years.

•   As for my next trip to Soldier Field, that won’t come until Justin Fields starts a game. Or in Week 11, when I am set to join my friend Ryan for the Bears’ game against the Baltimore Ravens. Whichever happens first.

•   With just one day until the preseason finale, here are some training camp highlights to hold us over:

•   Every completion by Andy Dalton and Justin Fields is equal parts fulfilling (because you obviously want to see QBs thrive) and disheartening (because DBs getting charred shouldn’t be on the menu). And as Dante Green (Bear Report) points out, the Bears’ secondary seems to be a primary concern heading into the preseason finale. Desmond Trufant has been out while dealing with personal issues. And on an alternate timeline, someone steps up and makes a positive splash. Someone like Thomas Graham Jr., Artie Burns, Tre Roberson, or Duke Shelley should’ve taken serious steps in their game. Unfortunately, no one has really done that to this point. Short of an injection of new talent that unexpectedly becomes available, I’m not sure how this group improves ahead of a Week 1 showdown against Matthew Stafford, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp.

•   On the other side of the ball, Fields gets his first opportunity to start a professional game. And while some have been vocal about Fields starting regular season contests sooner, rather than later, football talking head Mike Golic has thoughts to the contrary. Golic believes the Bears are doing the right thing by turning to Dalton over Fields to kick things off:

“I know Justin Fields has played well. I get it. But he’s also going to make rookie mistakes,” Golic said, via Audacy/670 The Score. “You know which people will just bury their head if all of a sudden you’re starting a rookie quarterback? The other 52 guys in the locker room. Because that’s another year going by for all of them as well. Name me the last rookie quarterback that won more than they lost.”

•   Golic’s commentary about the other players in the locker room “burying their heads” if Fields starts cuts two ways. And Golic doesn’t even acknowledge the possibility of a rookie quarterback lifting his teammates. Or are we just going to pretend that Lamar Jackson going 6-1 down the stretch for the Ravens in 2018 after taking over for Joe Flacco, who went 4-5 in his starts? I realize the 2018 Ravens and 2021 Bears aren’t two peas in a pod. But I got a good, hearty chuckle thinking about that name me he last rookie quarterback that won more than they lost comment knowing that a relevant example happened just three years ago.

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

•   The Tribune has one-stop shopping for following roster cuts before the 3 p.m. deadline on August 31. Meanwhile, Jacob Infante (Windy City Gridiron) and Alyssa Barbieri (BearsWire) have 53-man roster predictions. As one might expect, Justin Fields is a safe lock to make the roster.

•   Cameron DaSilva (RamsWire) notes that defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson is having “a little minor procedure” on his knee and will be out for a few weeks, per Head Coach Sean McVay. Easy for McVay to say, since it isn’t his knee. It’s unclear if Robinson will be available for Week 1 of the regular season. But because the Bears are providing the opposition for the Rams in Week 1, it’ll be worth keeping tabs on this situation.

•   For your listening pleasure: Brad Biggs of the Tribune joins The No Name Football Podcast, which features Olin Kreutz and Jason McKie. If you enjoy offensive line talk, pull up a chair and make sure your speaker/headphones are working.

•   ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Jameis Winston will start the season as the Saints’ QB1. There was a time when Chicago was viewed as a possible landing spot for Winston in free agency. And while I struggled to buy in on the fit, reports later surfaced the team was indeed a suitor in the Winston sweepstakes. It didn’t happen, and the Bears ended up landing on Justin Fields. So all is well that ends well … right? I suppose because Winston is opening against the Packers, I suppose we’ll have to root for New Orleans to out-score its counterparts from Green Bay.

•   The Washington Post reports the NFL is expected to rake in $270 million this year (!) due to its gambling partnerships. That is wild to think about, especially when you’re old enough to remember the NFL shunning any and all gambling connections. In case you’re curious, the Bears are among the many teams who will see profits from this with an exclusive partnership.

•   Charles Barkley doesn’t think the Bulls have had a turrible offseason, which I imagine pleases some fans in search of validation for what has been an active (and proactive) player acquisition period for Chicago’s basketball team.

•   Over at BN Blackhawks, Mario writes about the team making changes to its broadcast crew. Analysts Steve Konroyd and Jamal Mayers won’t be back. And, if you’ll recall, this is the last season for legendary broadcaster Pat Foley. In other words, we better get used to changes because they’re coming in waves.

•   A Crosstown Series preview, for those of you who aren’t on a baseball hiatus like yours truly.

•   Also, if you’re on the side of wanting a Bears move to Arlington Heights, prepare yourself for more concerts. A hypothetical stadium out in the ‘burbs will essentially be a concert facility that also happens to occasionally host football games. Look no further than AT&T Stadium as an example of what a future Bears stadium will play host to (should it come to fruition). There have been at least 80 concerts since its opening. It has also hosted college football, basketball, soccer, boxing, and WrestleMania. I fully expect the new home of the Bears — no matter where it is — to do the same.

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