Number Swaps, Depth Chart Oddities, Walter Payton as QB1, and Other Bears Bullets

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Number Swaps, Depth Chart Oddities, Walter Payton as QB1, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

On my personal Twitter account, we were discussing the greatest hip-hop/rap duos (or groups) of all-time. I quickly rattled off a Buch of my favorites, even knowing I would miss a few. But I’m not-so-low-key mad at myself for omitting my favorite group which created what I still believe to be the greatest music video of all time.

So, as a Bullets topper, I present to you “Triumph” by Wu-Tang Clan.

•   Sometimes, the internet is a wonderfully entertaining place.

•   “Volcanos can’t hurt healthy men.” “Oh, [crap]! Expectations…” “Stop hiding in our stadiums, Kanye!” There is so much to unpack here, and it is worth the 128 seconds of your morning.

•   The Bears released their first unofficial depth chart on Tuesday afternoon. Here are some noteworthy nuggets:

»   You can find Marqui Christian with the safeties, which seems a bit odd considering the Bears were deploying him as a nickel cornerback throughout the preseason. For what it’s worth, DeAndre Houston-Carson played some slot corner last year. And we saw Chuck Pagano use Eddie Jackson in that role from time-to-time, too. Maybe it is a sign safeties will play a bigger role in nickel defense in 2021.

»   Speaking of defensive alignments, the Bears’ depth chart listing has the team’s base formation being 3 defensive linemen, 4 linebackers, 2 cornerbacks, and 2 safeties. This has been the M.O. for some time. And yet, it’s a bit off-putting because we know how often the Bears use three cornerbacks. And with the NFL being as pass-happy as ever, base defensive formations should reflect a counter to what opposing offenses are doing. Then again, maybe that would explain listing Christian as a safety, but using him as a corner. Having a bigger nickel could be something teams use to counter offenses running against smaller defenses. Spread ’em out wide, make ’em small, and run it straight at ’em sure is a choice.

»   On the other side of the ball, the Bears’ base offensive personnel features 1 TE (Cole Kmet), 1 RB (David Montgomery, duh!), and 3 WR (Allen Robinson II, Darnell Mooney, Marquise Goodwin). This makes sense. Although, I expect to see a fair amount of 2 TE sets in an attempt to aid in helping the offensive line whenever possible.

»   Most NFL teams roll with just one swing tackle on game day, so I have an interest in finding out what it means that Larry Borom is listed as Jason Peters’ backup at left tackle with Elijah Wilkinson being the backup for Germain Ifedi at the opposite bookend. The whole idea of signing Wilkinson as a swing tackle would be for him to be able to play in a pinch on both sides. This whole situation makes me wish for a healthy and speedy recovery for Teven Jenkins.

•   Number change alert:

•   The Single-Digit Club features Danny Trevathan (6), Justin Fields (1), Cairo Santos (2), Eddie Jackson (4), Damien Williams (8), and Nick Foles (9). They meet weekly to discuss current events, share grilling secrets, watch game tape of Single-Digit Club members on other teams, debate whether who has the better discography between Kanye West and Drake. And on Wednesdays, they wear pink.

•   Danny Trevathan wore No. 22 at Kentucky, so now I’m curious about the backstory and possible inspiration to switch to No. 6. Is Trevathan a secret Jay Cutler stan?

•   The following Bears players (who were on last year’s team) have new numbers: Eddie Jackson (4), Xavier Crawford (21), Jesper Horsted (87). Just in case you were curious.

•   Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox puts together a list of players on the trade block big board. And for what it’s worth, this list features a number of players who would conceivably spark an interest in the Bears if needs arise. For instance, there are players such as Stephon Gilmore, N’Keal Harry, and Andre Dillard who have been on our radar in the past. And, of course, Nick Foles — who doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon.

•   Windy City Gridiron’s Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. notes the Bears didn’t protect anyone from being poached from the practice squad on Tuesday. Maybe it was become I had grown accustomed to it, but I was sure the team would find a way to protect Tyler Bray. And he wasn’t even in camp. Nevertheless, I’m still surprised Chicago didn’t protect place-kicker Brian Johnson. Wouldn’t it make sense to do that as a contingency plan every week?

•   I strongly believe Walter Payton is the best quarterback in Bears history…

•   … but I’m willing to come off that stance whenever Justin Fields makes his debut. After that, I’ll keep an open mind when thinking about this moving forward.

•   The caption in this Getty image reads – Chicago Bears Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton plays quarterback and makes a touchdown pass – and it confirms Payton’s QB1 status:

(Photo by Vic Milton/Getty Images)

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   Cool, cool, cool – Washington Football Team co-owner Tanya Snyder confirms to the Adam Schefter Podcast that the Armada, Brigade, Commanders, Defenders, Presidents, Red Hogs, Red Wolves, and Washington Football team are in the running to be nicknames for the squad starting in 2022:

•   If it were up to me, I’d keep rolling with Washington Football Team. Brigade, Armada, and Commanders sound like create-a-team options from a Madden NFL rollout of yesteryear. Weren’t the Defenders an XFL team? The Washington Presidents is a punchline rating to happen. I like Red Hogs, but naming your team the Red Hogs puts you at risk of becoming a cringe meme. It isn’t up to me, but rolling with the path of least resistance (WFT) would play best.

•   Sending our best to Todd McShay, the college football prospect analyst who is taking some time away from the game:

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•   If Joakim Noah is opening his mouth, I’m listening:

•   Hockey season will be here before you know it:

•   For those of you who are into it, you can get a free Bears jersey from Caesars as part of their kick-off week for the NFL, plus a $5,000 risk-free bet. Full details here, including eligible states. Make sure you’re in a state where it’s legal, and keep in mind that completing registration in Illinois right now requires a physical visit to a casino location (we’re hoping that goes back to mobile registration later this year).

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.