Behind the Horsted Decision, Nagy's Basketball Jones, Cowboys Issues, and Other Bears Bullets

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Behind the Horsted Decision, Nagy’s Basketball Jones, Cowboys Issues, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

My thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes with family, friends, and anyone who was impacted by Sept. 11, 2001. It’s been 20 years, but that moment still impacts so many on a multitude of levels.

•   This was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, and I’m glad the Bears were able to share this:

•   If you were ever curious as to why I’m so hard on the Bears’ being so closed off. There are stories that need to be told. Players have personalities to share and connect with fans. Coaches have perspective that can give a morsel of behind-the-scenes coverage. It’s just that they don’t do it often enough. But when they do it, it’s great. Here’s hoping the reaction to the moment Jesper Horsted learns he made the team influences the Bears to do more content like this.

•   For more, you’ll want to watch the latest installment of 1920 Football Drive, which goes inside building out that 53-player roster and the decisions that went into it:

•   Let’s appreciate Matt Nagy’s attempt at making a cross-sport comp:

•   Not all triple-doubles are created equally. And when it comes to stopping Aaron Donald, it isn’t just about limiting his scoring, rebounding, and assisting numbers. Teams need to pick him up full court, which keeps him from building up a full head of steam on his way to the basket. Players need to rotate in order to stop him from making the extra pass that leads to a dangerous 3-point shooter from getting a clean look. And coaches need to attack and challenge him so he doesn’t get too comfortable early. But one thing I think we can agree on, there’s no stopping Aaron Donald. You can only hope to contain him.

•   The Bears have been game-planning for this game since training camp opened its doors. And possibly before that. Nevertheless, these tweets are worth discussing as we approach game day:

•   I’m with Robert, here. A vanilla game plan won’t cut it. The Bears will need to think outside-of-the-box and attack with something no one sees coming. Otherwise, it’ll be a long night.

•   Ugh. Nose tackle Eddie Goldman’s status is in doubt for Sunday’s opener.

•   Your Week 1 Game Preview lives here:

•   I’m wholly convinced that Marc Tresman doing this and wrecking two years of Bears fans lives have led to fans hating that Matt Nagy does this now:

•   No one took issue with this in 2018. And if the Bears get back to winning like that, no one will think of it again. Well, at least until the team starts losing again.

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   Nyheim Hines and the Colts agreeing to a three-year extension worth $18.6 million had me thinking about last year’s Tarik Cohen deal. Hines’ usage is similar to what you’d want Cohen’s to be. Because while Jonathan Taylor and Marlon Mack get theirs, Hines finds ways to make plays with speed bursts in the passing game and in unique running ways. Whenever Cohen comes back after his IR stint, we’ll probably want to examine how Indy uses its three-headed backfield monster. Because when that group in Chicago is at full strength, the David Montgomery-Tarik Cohen-Damien Williams has potential to be something.

•   The Cowboys will be without one of their best offensive linemen:

•   Another worthwhile news nugget from Michael Gehlkin: There is an expectation WR Michael Gallup will miss 3-5 weeks after suffering a calf injury in Thursday’s Week 1 loss to the Buccaneers. This will sting the Cowboys a bit, but they still have a slew of offensive firepower. But this really hurts Gallup, who will be a free agent at year’s end. Dealing with an injury in a contract year is the worst timing for a player with his skills, and at a crowded position. And while it might be too early to dive too deep down the rabbit hole, Gallup — as a player at a position of need, still young, and with untapped upside — is the type of free agent target the Bears *SHOULD* have eyes for next offseason. We’ll monitor this in the future.

•   As the NFL continues to search for new revenue streams and try to build a relationship with Amazon, this could be worth watching how this cookie crumbles:

•   I’m glad I wasn’t near a TV for the Kris Bryant return because it would have been an emotional moment for someone who followed his climb unlike anything else:

•   It is interesting seeing the push and pull when it comes to projecting the Chicago Bulls’ short-term future. But two recent power rankings are a bit more on the optimistic side of things when comparing with some other recent trends.

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Author: Luis Medina

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