Defensive Shortcomings, Dalton vs. Fields (Because That's Not Going Anywhere), and Other Bears Bullets

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Defensive Shortcomings, Dalton vs. Fields (Because That’s Not Going Anywhere), and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I don’t even have time to wash my Bears-related sorrows into the ocean because of an early afternoon flight. Sad face emoticon.

•   Here’s the good news: Who started at quarterback for the Bears did not turn out to be a deciding factor in last night’s game. But the bad news is that it’s kind of an indictment on the rest of the team’s shortcomings. Everything we thought could’ve been an issue last night was an issue. A defense with problems in the defensive backfield coughed up two 50+ yard passing TDs on a night when Matthew Stafford put up a career-best 156.1 passer rating. I mean … come ON:

•   It is inexcusable to have multiple coverage busts. And on opening night, no less. That the first Stafford strike happened on the Rams’ first drive is just BLERGH. A group that should have been firing on all cylinders with a new coordinator and a bunch of players with limitless motivations fired blank. Sean Desai has his work cut out for him as a first-year defensive coordinator, to say the least.

•   Didn’t it feel like everything was a step slow last night?

•  This one really bugs me:

•   To be clear, it wasn’t all on the defense. Although, the red flags are as bright as ever with that unit. But an offense with a limited number of playmakers had limitations in terms of producing explosive plays. Color me shocked. I gotta say, this was cool:

•   Other than that, and Justin Fields’ first TD, the “O” went out with a whimper. Not surprising that a group that scored fewer than 17 points 15 times over the last two years finished with just 14 points.

•   Then again, if I told you the offense punted just once and didn’t have any three-and-outs, then you’d probably sign off on that not knowing anything else. However, we can’t play that game. If you’re not finishing drives with touchdowns, then your offense isn’t doing its job to its fullest degree. (Michael: Plus, they also unsuccessfully went for it on fourth down twice, so …).

•   Uhh … what?

•   Some bigger picture roundups at 670 The Score, Tribune, and Sun-Times.

•   Alright, so the elephant in the room is going to be at top of mind every Monday until somebody ultimately pretends as if there isn’t an elephant in the room:

•   Build this out by Lake Michigan, please:


•   Bonus points for not going a billion dollars over budget.

•   Rough times around the NFC North:

•   Aaron Rodgers is playing the long-game … right?

•   Uh … what is this?

•   Finally, some good news:

•   Well, hot dog:

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