Marquise Goodwin Really Sums Up the Offensive Questions About Sunday Night

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Marquise Goodwin Really Sums Up the Offensive Questions About Sunday Night

Chicago Bears

Yesterday we talked about how the Sunday night game plan, among other things, certainly didn’t seem particularly well-tailored to Allen Robinson’s abilities. The broader point, of course, was that the short pass approach, never extending the field, did a decent job moving the ball, but required three plays for every first down, and got bogged down on the Rams’ side of the field. A good offense these days needs quite a bit more explosiveness.

Whether it’s an intentional criticism of the game plan or the quarterback, this comment from wide receiver Marquise Goodwin seems to underscore the issue:

That says so much, doesn’t it? A new receiver is comfortable saying that the planned offensive approach to the game was playing right into the Rams’ hands. Think maybe he wants a different approach? A different quarterback? Just thinking out loud.

I won’t claim to be a genius football X’s and O’s guy, and maybe I’m missing some nuance in attacking the Rams, in particular, that demanded short passes to stationary targets. It doesn’t seem to me that it worked particularly well at actually putting points on the board, but I’ll confess I could be lacking information. Thing is, Goodwin has a lot more information than I do, and he’s the one who said it …

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