There is an Expectation That We'll See Even More Justin Fields This Week

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There is an Expectation That We’ll See Even More Justin Fields This Week

Chicago Bears

There is an obvious thirst for more Justin Fields among fans. But let’s not overlook players and coaches who also want to see the rookie get some game reps.

Well, it sounds like certain folks will start getting their wish later today, albeit not to its fullest extent:

In case you couldn’t watch:

“Expect increased snaps for Justin Fields. Here’s what I’m told behind the scenes for the Chicago Bears. He is growing every day,” Rapoport said. “There are wow moments, wow throws, every single day in practice. He’s actually coming on faster than they expected. They are essentially head-over-heels in love with him. They use these packages as growth moments for Fields. No moment is too big, so expect to see more of him.”

Well, that’s FUN!

Fields made a five-play cameo in Week 1 against the Rams. He went 2-for-2 for 10 yards passing, but that 3-yard touchdown plunge was the moment everyone will remember from that game. And judging by Rapoport’s framing of the situation, we are bound to get more Fields today at the Soldier Field home opener. Should Fields continue to grow at the rate Rapoport is portraying with his reporting, then getting more of the first-round pick is the natural progression of things. Maybe there is a bigger package for him in the red zone. Perhaps there is a set of plays where Fields can get a series and build up a later in that way. It is possible the team puts Fields in situations where it feels he still needs development, and gets him trial-by-fire in that regard. In any case, the Bears have options, should they be in a creative mindset to use them this afternoon.

Author: Luis Medina

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