Did Jason Peters Accidentally Tip Matt Nagy’s Hand About Sunday's QB1?

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Did Jason Peters Accidentally Tip Matt Nagy’s Hand About Sunday’s QB1?

Chicago Bears

Tuesday is generally a quiet one at Halas Hall. But a few kind words about Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields were spoken today from the Bears’ camp, and maybe even a little more than that.

First, some kind words:

There are plenty of positive reviews of Justin Fields’ play. So much so, you’d think Jason Peters and Bilal Nichols were talking about Chicago’s QB1.

Well, actually, to that point, check out Peters’ answer to a question asking about the little adjustments that might need to be made in a hypothetical situation in which Fields takes over for Andy Dalton:

Did … did Jason Peters unintentionally offer up that Fields was going to be the starter?

Am I reading too much into Peters saying he is “definitely going to work” on something this week if Fields starts? Is it possible that I’m ahead of my skis thinking that Peters is hinting at Fields being QB1 for Week 3 by highlighting the changes he’ll need to make if Dalton isn’t taking snaps from center? Or am I just out of pocket and way to into my head? Is this one of Matt Nagy’s mind games? Oh no, what have I done?

Part of me thinks Peters was accidentally tipping the Bears’ plans here. And if that’s the case, a larger part of me gets a kick out of Nagy’s attempts to keep it on the hush, only for his own players to inadvertently dish out a scoop. So much for controlling the message. It’s almost as if the gamesmanship aspect of this is nothing more than Hollywood hogwash.

In any case, with Andy Dalton’s injury being a week-to-week thing, signs are currently pointing to Fields being in line to make his first professional start. And if that happens to be the case, at least Peters will be ready with a technique that better suits the QB whose blindside he is protecting.

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Author: Luis Medina

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