If It Makes You Feel Any Better, Bears OC Bill Lazor is Seeing Everything You Are When It Comes to This Broken Offense

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If It Makes You Feel Any Better, Bears OC Bill Lazor is Seeing Everything You Are When It Comes to This Broken Offense

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One of the most frustrating things about being a football fan happens when there appears to be a disconnect between what we see and lament and what coaches see/explain away in a post-game or press conference setting. But on the flip side, it’s usually quite refreshing when our eye test matches up with that of a coach. And it is even better when said coach relays their findings publicly.

In that vein, I’m digging what Bears Offensive Coordinator (and future play-caller?) Bill Lazor had to say during his Thursday availability. The folks of the 79th and Halas Podcast put together a thread highlighting things Lazor was saying during his Thursday press conference. And there is one nugget stood out from the rest:

In case you missed Sunday’s game or have already erased it from your memory, Lazor was speaking in reference to a game in which quarterback Justin Fields was sacked times and hit on 15 other occasions. And there was plenty of this:

No wonder Sam Mustipher was comparing watching film of that game to a dentist trip.

It feels good to confirm that the Chicago Bears’ offensive coordinator is seeing and saying the same things we all are. No, it’s not much. However, it’s not nothing. Because once you have someone willing to open up about problems, it counts as a first step toward fixing them. Would we have preferred those changes happen during a game? Absolutely. But it is better than the alternative of denying those problems exist in the first place. Or even worse, that those problems will go ignored because no one is seeing them.

Whether Lazor will call plays – as he did at the end of last year – remains to be determined. But Head Coach Matt Nagy said everything is on the table, so we can’t rule it out. And if Lazor gets the call to take over those duties, then at least we can expect the offense to not make the same mistakes this weekend as it did last week. This isn’t to say Chicago’s football team will turn into the Greatest Show on Turf™ reincarnated. However, not making the same mistakes twice is equal parts a low bar to clear and a step in the right direction.

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