Nagy Keeps Taking Hits, It's About the Process, Who Benefits from Current QB Plan? And Other Bears Bullets

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Nagy Keeps Taking Hits, It’s About the Process, Who Benefits from Current QB Plan? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Before last night, the last time I went to a hockey game was back in June, when my Vegas layover included a trip to the Golden Knights-Avalanche postseason elimination game. And, sure, the vibes were different for the Blackhawks preseason lid-lifter. But good company and the return of Jonathan Toews made it worthwhile:

This feels like a good time to share a reminder that you should be following our Blackhawks coverage ahead of the 2021-22 season. It should be an interesting one.

•   Matt Nagy is having a rough week. Because in addition to watching his team drop to 1-2, seeing his offense continue to sputter, and having to field sensible questions he refuses to answer with anything beyond a world salad of nouns and verbs that attempt to make up sentences, he has been taking jabs from football media left and right. The latest damnation by a wordsmith comes from TouchdownWire’s Doug Farrar. And this passage made my eyes big:

My study of Nagy’s “offense” makes me understand why I think Nagy has preferred Dalton all along. Nagy isn’t from the Reid tree, no matter how many bites he had from the apple. With his late-developing intermediate and vertical stuff, and cavalcade of meaningless sit and stop routes (somehow, he has created a Scott Linehan/Mike McCarthy Frankenstein on purpose), Nagy wants a caretaker at quarterback. He does not want an improviser. He wants someone who will carry out what he believes is a brilliant plan without thinking outside that box. And he certainly does not seem comfortable in designing a game plan for a quarterback of Fields’ impressive athleticism and (at this time) limited quarterback palette.

This guy could ruin Tom Brady if you gave him half a chance.

•   Good luck finding the thing that makes you feel the worst about how things are right now. Because just when you think you’ve found it, something else pops up. Getting comps to Scott Linehan is not what you want from your offensive-leaning head coach. Neither is the mere idea that a coach could wreck Tom Brady. Nagy is straight up not having a good time right now.

•   I’m not sure what Nagy, the person, needs more — a hug or for his offense to put up a fiftyburger:

•   It can’t be good when a coach is already rallying around support from friends and family entering Week 4 of an NFL season.

•   Jason Lieser (Sun-Times) asks if Nagy’s QB plan is best for the Bears — or best from him? To which I would answer: “Neither.” I struggle to see beneficiary of a plan that seems to grow more disjointed with each week. Slow-playing Justin Fields’ development is fine, in solution. Putting together packages for the rookie to get him a taste of the NFL action, while also not putting too much on his plate is sensible. Giving Andy Dalton an opportunity to rebuild his value with a one-year “prove it” deal isn’t the worst idea. But watching the execution of this plan has been grating. And I doubt it’ll get any easier.

•   Some perspective from outside-of-the-box as Andy Masur (Barrett Sports Media) writes about whaat it’s like to work with a coach who is living on the hot seat.

•   This is what it looked like for Bears QBs practicing on Wednesday:

•   I guess Trent Dilfer knows something about quarterbacking:

•   For your viewing and listening pleasure:

•   Considering the Bears’ needs along the offensive line, I’m surprised they weren’t in the running to stash 2020 first-round pick Isaiah Wilson to their practice squad. Instead, I tip my cap to the Giants for doing so. Then again, Wilson’s off-field issues might have scared teams away. Here’s hoping Wilson has gotten it together and makes the most of a second chance. Because, sometimes, life is all about second chances.

•   I hate how it bothers me to see three of my pre-draft crushes win NFC Player of the Month awards:

•   This is a nice gesture:

•   One of the most productive fantasy football running backs I was lucky enough to draft is calling it a career:

•   Jonathan Toews’ return is already one of my favorite Chicago sports stories of the year.

•   That Ben Simmons situation continues to be nuts at every turn:

•   The Cubs continue on their path of losing today to win later:

Author: Luis Medina

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