The Bears QB on Sunday Will Be … A Game Time Decision

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The Bears QB on Sunday Will Be … A Game Time Decision

Chicago Bears

Justin Fields was a full-go at practice this week, and Andy Dalton is listed as questionable on today’s injury report. Yet, Matt Nagy still refuses to announce who’ll be starting at quarterback  on Sunday against the Lions, instead telling the media at Halas Hall that it will be a game-time decision.

What? Or, rather … why?


The question now is if he’s doing this ONLY to keep the Lions in the dark (which doesn’t really seem necessary, but is pretty clearly something he finds valuable)? Because if the decision is actually still up in the air, you better hope he didn’t come up with just one gameplan regardless of which guy is under center. They are completely different quarterbacks with different strengths and the offense should look different depending on which guy is slinging it. Of course, if it is still up in the air and he DID gameplan for both quarterbacks, that’s also kind of a waste of time and energy, when you almost certainly could’ve been working on a “Justin Fields is Starting” plan, given the injury report. Sigh.

Yikes. This trainwreck gets worse by the day.

Michael Cerami contributed to this post.

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