HOFers Go All-in on Fields, Losing on the Margins, Friendly Fantasy Advice, and Other Bears Bullets

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HOFers Go All-in on Fields, Losing on the Margins, Friendly Fantasy Advice, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

From the better-late-than-never department, I bring you the following update: Quesabirria tacos are the truth. And as soon as you find a joint that does ’em right, your taco-eating experience will be better for it. Taco Boom in Lincoln Square has put me on something new and awesome. And for that, I am thankful.

•   The fallout from David Montgomery suffering a knee injury late in the Bears’ win against the Lions is here. Montgomery will miss about a month with a knee sprain. It isn’t a season-ending injury, so you can thank your lucky stars in that regard. Avoiding a significant injury at this stage of the game is a net positive. But the trickle-down impact is unavoidable. Because, in the wake of this morning’s injury update, the Bears have reportedly made a trade for return specialist Jakeem Grant and are set to bring Artavis Pierce back onto the practice squad. So many moving parts.

•   I can’t say I love trading future draft capital for a 29-year-old return specialist. But I can see what the Bears are doing, even if I need to squint in order to do so. Montgomery’s injury means Damien Williams moves up to the starting role, and elevates Khalil Herbert to RB2 duties. With Herbert taking on a bigger role in the offense for the next 4-5 weeks, it makes sense to bring along someone who can slide into the return role he leaves behind. But shouldn’t Dazz Newsome, a sixth-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, be that guy?

•   Maybe the Bears don’t like what they see from Newsome stemming from training camp, the preseason, and during practices from a player currently on the practice squad. Perhaps the team isn’t comfortable handing off those duties to a rookie. But if that is the case, then that is a draft miss. It’s tough to be too hard on missing on a sixth-round pick, knowing darn well those Day 3 selections are kin to throws at a dart board. But when you’re always working with minimal draft capital, you the having any misses.

•   Meanwhile, I’m reminded the Bears let a perfectly fine running back/return specialist leave Halas Hall without a del last offseason:

•   AHEM (from April ’21):

I think that letting Cordarrelle Patterson walk is a mistake. … Cordarrelle Patterson was a valuable member of the Bears for the last two seasons. He was an All-Pro contributor on special teams as a kick returner on coverage teams. There were times he was dabbling in offense, too. On top of that, Patterson was a popular member of the locker room and his online presence was good for fan morale. I don’t want to overrate a two-year stay or overvalue the contributions of a special teams player. However, football is a three-phase game. And if one phase takes a hit, the other two must pick up the slack. As things currently stand, I don’t believe the Bears are in a position to properly deal with that hit. And I don’t think Patterson’s looming departure is inconsequential.

•   In case you’re curious, Patterson’s deal with the Falcons is a one-year pact worth $3 million. It includes $1.7M in full guarantees and takes up 1.63 percent of the Falcons’ cap, and just 1.92 percent of the team’s 2021 spending. It is now as it was then — a missed opportunity to be better on the margins.

•   Meanwhile, some friendly fantasy advice:

•   I spent way too much time thinking about this quote over the last 24 hours or so. Mostly imagining the rage I (and the rest of the internet) would be full of had Matt Nagy said it:

•   Yep, these guys get it:

•   Feels good when Hall of Famers are all-in on your team’s young QB. If only the head coach would follow…

•   Cam Ellis (670 The Score) has theories as to why Justin Fields isn’t the Bears’ QB1 just yet.

•   So much potential here:

•   We had fun on Twitter while things were shut down across other social media platforms:

•   Just as we were all expecting:

•   See you in Week 13, Cardinals.

•   Here I am thinking Vic Fangio is full of it referring to player safety while complaining about the Ravens running it up. But it turns out Fangio warned the NFL offices bout illegal hits Baltimore has been dealing out prior to Sunday’s game. I don’t think the Fangio-Harbaugh beef is quieting down any time soon. (PFT)

•   Always nice to see the Bears giving back:

•   The Bulls are back TONIGHT:

•   Go earn a roster spot, MacKenzie Entwistle:

•   Tell me it’s autumn, without saying it’s autumn:

Author: Luis Medina

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