Pace vs. Nagy, Re-visiting A-Rob Owning the Raiders, Fields Got Everyone Juiced Up, and Other Bears Bullets

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Pace vs. Nagy, Re-visiting A-Rob Owning the Raiders, Fields Got Everyone Juiced Up, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m struggling to get into the swing of things in terms of watching postseason baseball. There’s just nothing here for me. Maybe another Wild-Card game could push some buttons.

•   Bullets are coming in late and hot, in part, because I had nightmares about trying to pick one in this poll:

•   Thanks, Silvy. 😏

•   This is probably a dead heat, right? Matt Nagy was the NFL’s Coach of the Year in 2018, while Ryan Pace earned the highest honor on the executive side (as voted on by his peers) for building that squad. Both have big red flags that you can see clearly from the highest corners of the Soldier Field stands. But both aren’t without things they have done well throughout the duration of their stay in Chicago. But if Pace wants to pull ahead, I have an idea of how he could do it soon.

•   In the meantime, Nagy can boost his stock by continuing to not call plays. Odd as that may seem for an offensive-leaning head coach to not be the lead play-caller, we’re gaining more data points suggesting that Nagy’s scheme could work if given an opportunity for someone else to call plays. This is starting to become more evident, because it isn’t as if we’re short on film that shows plays working. But there is a significant difference between being aa play-caller and a play collector. Perhaps the best mode of operation moving forward is to continue collaborating in building a game plan, then letting Lazor execute it. The differences between a Nagy-called game and one featuring Lazor’s calls are eye-opening.

•   It will certainly help matters if this fella is pulling the trigger as QB1:

•   Allen Robinson II continues to be a commendable leader through a tough period:

•   It was nice to see A-Rob fully engaged on Sunday. I imagine having Fields throwing it to him helped a bit. Seeing QB1 wearing No. 1 gets everyone a bit more fired up these days, doesn’t it? For what it’s worth, Robinson has been a bit of a slow starter the last two seasons. But much like a baseball slugger you can count on for 30 dingers and 100 ribbies when the season is hall said and done, I think we’ll see Robinson end with numbers we were expecting to start the year. Especially if history repeats itself and Robinson shakes off a slow start and shines moving forward.

•   Remember the last time Robinson saw the Raiders defense?

•   I don’t know anything about conversion rates right now. But 6 points across the pond is still worth 6 points in Vegas. And with the Raiders’ banged-up secondary, we could be in line for another Robinson breakout similar to the 7-97-2 line he put up in 2019.

•   This *IS* a fun fact:

•   Alex Shapiro (NBC Sports Chicago) explains why the Bears are unlikely to sign Stephon Gilmore. It was only a matter of time until cap mismanagement would cost the team an opportunity to realistically address an in-season hole. Grumble.

•   This makes me wonder about Akiem Hicks’ availability this week:

•   Remember, Hicks left the Bears’ Week 4 win against the Lions after one defensive snap. Chicago listed it as a groin issue. And while he was initially ruled as questionable to return, Hicks never re-entered the game. For what it’s worth, this team has depth along the defensive side of the line. Angelo Blackson and Khyiris Tonga are available. Or perhaps the Bears could do some different things with their fronts and get Trevis Gipson some more work. But still … being without Hicks would STINK.

•   A pair of former Bears kickers were in the news on Tuesday afternoon:

•   The only thing this duo couldn’t do was get Sweetness aa Super Bowl TD:

•   The Bulls are BACK:

•   Some old friends were up to no good, bashing baseballs deep into the Boston night:


•   Well, that stinks:

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