Here We Go Again: Packers 24, Bears 14

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Here We Go Again: Packers 24, Bears 14

Chicago Bears

That was such a Bears-Packers game. So much so, I’m sick thinking about it.

Hang around long enough to make it feel close, but that guy wearing 12 in the uniforms decorated relish and mustard doing just enough to gut us at the end.

The Packers beat the Bears. Again. And things are the same as they ever were. Grumble:

•   Sigh  4.9 yards per play won’t cut it. Not against the Packers. And not against a defense with a beat up secondary or a group without its top pass rusher. This should’ve been a game for Matt Nagy to showcase his offense. Instead, this was another mark against his scheme. And that’s not when we’re looking at system four years into it.

•   Only 137 passing yards? Whack! A QB-friendly offense against a depleted secondary should yield more than this. Full stop. When Allen Robinson II and Darnell Mooney are leading your vertical attack, your passing game should do more than this. Otherwise, I question how QB-friendly your scheme is…

•   Any time the Bears defense limits an Aaron Rodgers led attack to fewer than 30 points feels like a win. But it doesn’t help when the offense can’t get to that mark. That the offense couldn’t keep it closer feels like an indictment on the offense. And that’s an indictment on the head coach. Ouch.

Dropping to 3-3 isn’t great. And losing to the Packers again sucks. That the Bears are staring at Tom Brady’s gang of mischiefs doesn’t make me feel better. But the time has come for the Bears to take a long look in the mirror. Not just for this season, but for future years. Because six years of this is just too much to handle. At some point, move forward or keep it moving. And if you’re not moving forward with this group, then move on.

This might be over the top simplistic. But maybe it isn’t. Or maybe that’s the point. Perhaps that — at the core of our situation — that this Packers team beat these Bears by 10 points tells us all we need to know about the state of each franchise. Ugh. More on that tomorrow. And beyond.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.