Texans and Dolphins Reportedly Close to a Deshaun Watson Trade

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REPORT: The Texans and Dolphins Are Close to a Trade for Deshaun Watson

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The Deshaun Watson trade rumors are back. Or maybe they never really left? I guess we can say they quieted down for a bit, without ever actually going away. In any case, John McClain has a new report on the potential future of Watson this afternoon, and it seems to be a bit of a whammy – at least, in terms of how serious talks have gotten and how soon a deal could get done.

Early today, McClain wrote that the Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins are close to a trade for the quarterback, even as Watson faces numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and assault. So close are they to a trade, in fact, that a deal might be done as early as the end of THIS WEEK (or as late as the November 2nd NFL trade deadline), according to the veteran scribe.

McClain described the Dolphins loss in London to Jacksonville as a tipping point in their determination to re-engage in talks with the Texans that have been stalled for some time.

“The Dolphins have been talking to the Texans about Watson off and on for months, and those talks have intensified into serious negotiations. After losing to Jacksonville in London — their fifth consecutive loss — the Dolphins seem more determined to finally execute the Watson trade.”

Obviously, we’ll stay on this story and update you as soon as there’s some movement, but this would be your warning to be on high alert for a trade.

Meanwhile, this news spurs the next logical question: What happens to Tua Tagovailoa after such a trade? There was at least one bit of fallout on Twitter this afternoon.

I’m sure the speculation is just beginning, so buckle up for the ride this week.

Author: Patrick K. Flowers

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