Mike Evans Gave the Ball From Tom Brady's 600th TD Pass to a Fan (VIDEO)

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Mike Evans Gave the Ball From Tom Brady’s 600th TD Pass to a Fan (VIDEO)

Chicago Bears

Tom Brady throwing his 600th career TD pass is a story on its own.

But Mike Evans just made himself the main character:



I would’ve held out for $6.9 million. In cash. Bills. Unmarked. Half in a cartoon-ish looking bag with a big dollar sign on it. Like one of those old-time bank robber shows. The other half in an oversized briefcase with a dollar sign on both sides. Kinda like the ones you’d see in cartoons. But what the lucky fan requested doesn’t sound like much of an ask. Missed opportunity.

As for the game, unless the Bears can get some stops and score some points, the Buccaneers are well on their way toward boat-racing their way to a win.

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