If Bears Ownership or Upper Management is Truly "Fed Up", Then They Should Do Something About It

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If Bears Ownership or Upper Management is Truly “Fed Up”, Then They Should Do Something About It

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Da Bears Blog is one of the pillars of the Chicago Bears fan blogoverse. And its leader, Jeff Hughes, is someone with the pulse of this franchise and its fans. In short, if Jeff tweets it or DBB posts about it, consider my interest to be piqued.

And today, this tweet has me at attention…


… but there’s a but. And that’s because we’ve been down this path before. And it too rarely leads to any meaningful change. Like when there was a buzz expressing that there was tension at Halas Hall as the team went on its bye week in 2020. Those vibes were stemming from the team’s offensive woes, none of which were answered in the game that followed or in the games that have been played since. There were also reports suggesting GM Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy were on the hot seat entering the first Packers Week of the 2020. It was even hinted that games against That Team in Wisconsin could ultimately lead to major changes in the front office and/or on the sidelines.

Nearly a year after initial reports sharing rumblings of discontent at Halas Hall came out, the only significant changes to come about were the drafting of QB Justin Fields, hiring a new defensive coordinator, and rearranging some of the deck chairs among other assistant coaching positions. In other words, we’ve heard the chatter. And there’s been no action. What makes this round of dissatisfied voices grumbling at Halas Hall any different than what we’ve heard before?

To be clear, even if the Bears made changes, they can’t put in a whole new system overnight. But they can piece something together to make the most of what remains of this season. They can’t un-do what has been done. However, a clean slate could allow for the team to follow a new path. And while the Bears are unable to interview anyone currently employed in the NFL, acting now could kick-start their plan for when they can.

Ultimately, I find myself landing in this spot. If ownership, management, or whichever power-broker is truly “fed up” with what they’re seeing from the Bears, then they should do something about it. Full stop. Do it now. Don’t wait until the bye. Or until after the season. Don’t use the media to drop subtle hints. Don’t pull a we’ll get to it sooner or later. Just do it. Otherwise, it’s just talk. And I doubt I’m alone in being “fed up” by talk that isn’t backed by action at Halas Hall.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.