Aaron Rodgers Owns the Bears, But You Can Fake Own the Packers If You Want

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Aaron Rodgers Owns the Bears, But You Can Fake Own the Packers If You Want

Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers recently ruffled feathers with his proclamation claiming his ownership of the Chicago Bears. And days later, Tom Brady twisted the knife by publicly congratulating Rodgers on his ownership stake in the NFL’s charter franchise.

But because turnabout is fair play, I offer this:

The Green Bay Packers will soon be selling stock in the team. As the only publicly owned franchise in the NFL, they can offer such a thing to the public. So while purchasing stock gives fans no say in team matters and can’t be sold because it has no value, it does come with a nifty certificate and an opportunity to brag (?) to your friends that you own a football team. I bet that’s a great first-date opener!

Heck, maybe George McCaskey can throw his financial weight around and buy some stock. It could be his best chance at saying he owns the Packers like his grandpa George Halas did at the start of this rivalry.

Darn shame the stock is virtually worthless.* Because I wouldn’t put it past Bears Twitter to buy up enough stock to get a boardroom seat and force Rodgers out of town. That’s the Chicago way, after all.

* — Worthless to the stockholder, but not so much to a Packers franchise that gained more than $67 million the last time they offered stock to the public.

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Author: Luis Medina

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