Borom's Building Blocks, Why Love Starts in GB, Where's the Passing Attack? And Other Bears Bullets

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Borom’s Building Blocks, Why Love Starts in GB, Where’s the Passing Attack? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Some people like to throw their music on shuffle when they go on a cleaning spree at home. I am not some people. That’s because I need a carefully crafted collection of songs to keep the vibes in check. Imagine not cleaning with tunes on in the background. Couldn’t be me.

•   It turns out Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy watched the Bears last Sunday the way many of us do:

•   Bears fans have gotten to a place where their eyes instinctively roll to the back of their heads when hearing the coach discuss wanting to find the “why’s” of a given situation. It is almost like how we would react to hearing Lovie Smith say “Rex is our quarterback.” However, I hope that Nagy, while viewing with a different perspective, is closer to finding the “why’s” than he was before last Sunday. And if he can apply what he learned when the Bears take the field on Monday, the team will likely be better for it.

•   Nagy’s return to the sideline will come with the challenge of turning some of those frowns in the receivers room upside down:

•   That Chicago hasn’t turned a rushing offense ranking sixth in yards per game and 10th in yards per carry into a successful downfield passing game is one of the biggest indictments on this offense. Whether it has a been Nagy or Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor calling plays, it hasn’t mattered. Neither has been able to find continued success through the air. At least this feels like a good opportunity to change it. Although, I feel as if we’ve felt this way before…

•   FWIW: Opposing QBs have an 11-2 TD-INT ratio and a 99.0 passer rating in seven games against the Steelers defense. Pittsburgh allowed multi-TD passing games to quarterbacks in four of its first six games. Only two receivers have 100-yard games against the Steelers secondary this year. However, it’s notable that Ja’Marr Chase and Randall Cobb have two-score games against this defense. There’s no wild trend here that makes you go gotcha! But there is a sense that anyone can break out in. given game if the QB discovers mismatches early enough.

•   For Chicago’s air show to thrive, it needs competent blocking from its tackles. There is reason to be confident in Jason Peters holding it down on Justin Fields’ blindside. Peters has earned the benefit of the doubt with his body of work, as well as his play throughout this season. But Larry Borom has some work to do. Borom looked good last week, especially for someone in his first pro start. That Borom looked the part in his first start as he was coming off an IR stint made it all the more impressive. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not booking trips to Canton just yet. But Borom has a game full of positive reps throughout to build from moving forward. And it’s a good start.

•   Monday Night Football is a sizable test for the rookie. But it’s not as if Borom is a stranger to big time competition. In a read from Chicago Audible with ample perspective, Borom credits his time in the SEC as something that has helped in his development. “Definitely the SEC prepares you for these types of moments,” Borom said. “You’re going up against great players day in and day out. Last year with it being just an all-SEC schedule, I mean, you had to be ready for everything.”

•   Former Steelers tight end Jesse James — who was with the team from 2015-18 — is among this week’s captains on MNF:

•   Eep. An overwhelming number of analysts asked about Bears-Steelers seem to be siding with Pittsburgh.

•   There’s some really good perspective on the Aaron Rodgers saga here:

•   Jordan Love gets the start tomorrow in Green Bay, in part because of his vaccination status. Love confirmed to reporters that he was fully vaccinated against COVID-19. And with the league’s protocols putting Aaron Rodgers and third-string QB Kurt Benkert out of action, Love’s vaccination status helps keeps the Packers from having to turn to Blake Bortles as their starter. So the next time someone asks why these protocols matter, underscore how the Packers could’ve gone from the reigning MVP starting to someone who they had to sign to their practice squad in the middle of the week. It’s almost as if these protocols were put in place for a reason.

•   No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills:

•   The Henry Ruggs III situation becomes sadder and more disturbing with each update:

•   Football games in baseball stadiums is a trend I hope keeps evolving:

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•   Imagine being a postseason hero, only to be hassled during your own championship parade:

•   That’s an encouraging sign:

•   Between their failures off-the-ice and the ones on it, this feels deserved:

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