Bearsless Sunday, Punter Love, OBJ, B1G College Receivers, and Other Bears Bullets

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Bearsless Sunday, Punter Love, OBJ, B1G College Receivers, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The reported Breshad Perriman release put me in a headspace to listen to “I Forgot That You Existed.” For those unfamiliar, it’s the opening track of Taylor Swift’s Lover album. And while that song has nothing to do with football, getting the push notification that Perriman was on his way out served as a reminder that he ws still on the Bears roster. Weird how that happens.

•   Being Bearsless on a Sunday means they can’t ruin your day or weekend with their performance. There are silver linings everywhere if you choose to look for them.

•   So … it’s like that, huh?

•   Odell Beckham Jr. is still technically on the Browns. The two sides seem to be hashing out details of his pending release, with the goal being to make it impossible for Beckham to be claimed on waivers. And thus, allowing Beckham an opportunity to pick his next destination. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport expects Beckham to clear waivers once the dust settles by Tuesday. Rapoport even name-checks the Saints as a logical suitor. The general vibe is that Beckham wants to play for a contender. I suppose that knocks the Bears out of the running.

•   It’s almost a shame that (1) the Bears have limited draft capital and (2) aren’t a contender, because this team could use a receiver who creates separation. Think Justin Fields would like that? But maybe it’s better this way.

•   Knowing the Bears were off today, I found myself spending more of my Saturday digging through college action. That time of the year when we start jotting names we’d like to hear announced as going to the Bears on NFL Draft weekend is coming. And yesterday gave us a fun start.

•   Firstly, some college punter love:

•   I’m just saying that if the Bears insist on deploying an offense in which punting is winning, they might as well land someone like Illinois’ Blake Hayes in the 2022 NFL Draft.

•   Should the Bears decide on creating an offense that moves the ball vertically and scores touchdowns, then it should be noted that a pair of Big Ten receivers caught my eye on Saturday:

•   I’m trying to figure out why Purdue wasn’t better last year with Rondale Moore (a top-50 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft) and David Bell as a popular fast-riser up draft boards. Although, I find it odd that there was a general consensus that Bell was a first-round pick yesterday. But when I checked recent mocks from Bleacher Report, PFF, CBS, and PFN, Bell wasn’t a projected first-rounder in any of those mocks. And all of them have taken place within the last week. That’s certainly curious.

•   For what it’s worth, recent drafts have seen receivers with first-round worthy grades slide into Round 2 because there is a growing number of capable pass-catchers. This is something that could work to the Bears’ advantage. Keep in mind Chicago’s first pick won’t come until Round 2 this year. Currently, that pick sits at No. 41. And this feels like a good place to note that Tankathon’s Mock NFL Draft, which was last updated a day ago, has both Penn State’s Jahan Dotson and Purdue’s Bell on the board where the Bears pick.

•   Let me get this out of my system now while it still holds relevance: This front office has not valued the safety position high enough at any point in GM Ryan Pace’s regime to mock a safety going to the Bears within the first two days of the draft. And yet, every year, waves of mocks send safeties to the Bears within the first two days. Maybe that changes with a new regime (if it comes to it) next year. But … come on! In any case, I’d gladly welcome any and all viable pass-catchers on the Bears moving forward.

•   If I were to rank the Bears’ needs moving forward, this is would it would look like: OL, WR, CB, More OL, More WR, More CB, TE, S. Any objections?

•   This feels like a progressive step for the NFL:

•   Making jokes about the Rams trading away all of their first-round picks is all fun and games until you remember they still have more draft capital than the Bears:

•   ICYMI: Jeremy Colliton is OUT as Blackhawks head coach:

•   Even though the Bulls lost to the Sixers again, I concur with this sentiment:

•   Ahhh, yes. The token “at least we tried!” offer that gives teams cover when a free agent signs elsewhere:


Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.