It Looks Like Russell Wilson is Coming Back From IR ... Just in Time to Play the Packers

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It Looks Like Russell Wilson is Coming Back From IR … Just in Time to Play the Packers

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Say what you want about the present state of affairs, but modern medicine is truly a wonder.

Because when Russell Wilson was put on IR due to a middle finger injury, initial reports had the Seahawks QB missing at least a month and being out up to eight weeks. It was a pretty serious blow for a quarterback who started 149 games to begin his NFL career. But precisely one month after the 6-8 week diagnosis was put out into the atmosphere, Wilson’s return is imminent:

The statement from Dr. Steve Shin, who did the operation on Wilson is pretty clear. And it’s eye-opening to read this from Shin, saying he is “absolutely amazed at his progress, so much so that I can now confidently clear him for full return to play without reservation.”

That is a *STRONG* endorsement.

In the end, Wilson’s injury caused him to miss just four weeks of action and only three games. Not bad when considering how much longer he could’ve been out. It’s always wonderful to read about players beating projected returns. Nothing like missing a minimum amount of time, and with a ringing endorsement. It is a testament to medical advancements and a player’s ability to work their way back into shape. I’ve never had a finger injury as significant as Wilson’s. But I imagine it wasn’t easy for a guy whose position demands he throws the ball. So kudos to him for making it back so quickly after that injury.

And the timing for Wilson’s return figures to sit right with Bears fans. Assuming there are no setbacks between now and game day, Wilson will face the Green Bay Packers in his return to the field. It would set up a matchup between Wilson and Aaron Rodgers, but only if Rodgers tests negative for COVID-19 twice at least 24 hours apart before Sunday. If you’ll recall, Rodgers is in protocol in which he is in isolation protocol for 10 days as an unvaccinated player. In other words, the soonest he can be back with his teammates is Saturday. It’s a tight window, but one to keep an eye on later this week.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.