Report: “Overwhelming Number” of Chicago Bears Players Want Matt Nagy Fired

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Report: “Overwhelming Number” of Chicago Bears Players Want Matt Nagy Fired

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Every month, I like to fill my kitchen sink with hot water, then lift the traps, and let the hot water do its work as it swirls down the drain, and through the pipes. I do this occasionally in order to help aid the process in washing out the gunk that can get caught up and flush it into the sewer system. From time to time, I’ll even watch the water swirl. In the right light, it’s majestic.

I find this comparison fitting, because I feel as if Sunday’s loss to the Ravens could have a similar impact on the Bears. As in it could be a thing that helps flush out the gunk that could be problematic if it doesn’t get pushed out:

Jordan Schultz, who hosts a podcast with Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson II,  hears from league sources that “an overwhelming number” of players are done with Head Coach Matt Nagy. Schultz goes as far as to say they want him out. Schultz adds an anecdote from another source, who chimes in to say: “He lost some of the locker room last season, but now it’s gone.”


The frustration sure seems to be mounting up at Halas Hall. That game was full of moments that summed up the worst of the Nagy Era. And it is evident that emotions are starting to boil over. Bears players are “pissed” and sick of “rah-rah speeches” after Sunday’s loss. With Schultz’s reporting, that makes for another data point on the path to bottoming out.

For what it’s worth, Schultz points out that Chicago has never in its history fired a coach in-season. And that might be a holdup for the powers that be for the Bears’ brass. Not that it should. I mean, we’ve seen this team play valiantly for an interim head coach while Nagy was out, so maybe this shouldn’t be a holdup even if you were just thinking short term. Longer term, you are reminded that, this year, NFL teams can start interviewing prospective head coaching hires in Week 16. So there will absolutely be a competitive reason for an in-season firing at some point.

In any case, this is starting to get ugly. And to think, it could still get worse. Imagine if this team loses to the winless Lions on Thanksgiving? I’d rather not, but … if it meant putting the ball in motion for making the necessary changes, I might be into it. Plus, it doesn’t sound like I’d be alone — especially if even more players vocalize their displeasure.

Surely, there will be more to come from this soon. But it might not be pretty should things continue to fall apart.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.