Allen Robinson Denies Having Input On Podcast Partner's Report About Bears Players Wanting Matt Nagy Fired

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Allen Robinson Denies Having Input On Podcast Partner’s Report About Bears Players Wanting Matt Nagy Fired

Chicago Bears

Jordan Schultz, who hosts a basketball podcast with Allen Robinson II, made waves on Monday by reporting an “overwhelming number” of Chicago Bears players want Matt Nagy fired.

With the obvious connection being what it is, questions about Robinson’s possible role in the report were going to come up. And, of course, it did during his Tuesday press conference. For what it’s worth, Robinson was quick to issue a denial in having an involvement in suggesting Chicago’s head coach lost the locker room and want him gone:

In addition to saying he is a “grown-ass man” who has spoken to the media candidly weekly and would come out and say what he feels if that’s how he felt, Robinson said his podcast partner put him in “a very vulnerable position” with the report. Moreover, Robinson also said that a “conversation was definitely had” between the two after it came out. Robinson would go on to say he doesn’t think Nagy has lost the locker room. And even went on to note how he signed as a free agent in 2018 because of Nagy.

Strong words at a delicate time from a player who hasn’t been shy to share his thoughts. Whether it is in a press conference setting, or by using social media platforms to send messages. But this one hits different.

Because, in what is an already awkward time at Halas Hall, what’s another storyline to make things even weirder for all of the involved parties?

Players are openly “pissed” and appear to have their frustrations bubbling over. There is an every man for himself vibe emitting from Halas Hall with folks seeming to be in cover your butt mode. “Fire Nagy!” chats have broken out at Soldier Field, United Center, and the coach’s son’s high school playoff football game. Instead of getting ahead of a report  saying Thursday will be Nagy’s last game coaching the Bears to save face from a public relation standpoint, the team didn’t release a statement one way or another, ultimately leaving Nagy’s assistants fend for themselves when discussing their embattled coach before Nagy himself stepped to the mic denying reports he was told he’s fired.

Leave it to the Bears to fumble the most simple of tasks.

What a mess this all is right now.

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Author: Luis Medina

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