Halftime Check-In: At Least the Bears Haven't Packed It In Yet

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Halftime Check-In: At Least the Bears Haven’t Packed It In Yet

Chicago Bears

Between trying to plow through a short week, and doing so while maneuvering through myriad distractions, one major concern heading into this game was if the Bears players had it in them to bring the heat on game day.

Despite their chiseled physique and intimidating presence, players are humans. And it would be normal if guys didn’t bring their A-game to an 11:30 a.m. central standard time kickoff. But that didn’t happen with the Bears today. In fact, we’re seeing some things that we wouldn’t otherwise expect.

⇒   For starters, a good, smart, and successful Matt Nagy challenge following this splash play:

So, another Robert Quinn Sack, the Bears came away with a turnover thanks to Trevis Gipson being Johnny-on-the-spot in making a big play. That was fun.

⇒   Sean Desai’s much maligned defense has been a mixed bag to this point. Artie Burns got the start in place of Kindle Vildor at cornerback, then immediately proceeded to get torched by the unimpeachable tandem of Jared Goff and Josh Reynolds on the Lions’ opening drive. That Detroit didn’t take that lead, extend it, and run away with this game is a testament to the healthy bodies remaining on this group. If those guys aren’t playing for pride, they should be playing to put good tape out there for their next employer (if it isn’t going to be the Bears).

Then again, it’s also a nod to how bad the Lions are as a team. They stink. And their offensive ineptitude (2.4 yards per rush and 4.4 yards per play) was on full display.

⇒   Vintage Andy Dalton:

⇒   Also, Vintage Andy Dalton:

⇒   The injury bug isn’t taking Thanksgiving off:

The big name to keep an eye on is Roquan Smith, whose hamstring injury has his status for a second-half return up-in-the-air. We’ll monitor the situation as the afternoon goes on.

UPDATE — Roquan Smith won’t be making his way back into this one:

There isn’t much more to say here other than both teams still have a second half to play. Late game collapses are something both of these teams are far too familiar with this season. So schedule your nap for the third quarter and be ready for the fourth.

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