Johnson Wants the Challenge, Get Quinn In, Explaining the Weirdest Coin Toss Ever, and Other Bears Bullets

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Johnson Wants the Challenge, Get Quinn In, Explaining the Weirdest Coin Toss Ever, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Recent trends being what they were, I was thoroughly convinced the Cubs weren’t spending money this offseason. And even though there were signal suggesting they would be competitive in the market, I felt like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, only for Lucy to move it and make me look like a fool. But signing Marcus Stroman was a game-changer.

Unfortunately, MLB has voted to put a lockout in placeSigh. Just as the Cubs were doing something right.

•   What’s cooler than cool? Being Jaylon Johnson, I guess. After last week’s circus, Bears players came off feeling relieved after their last-second win against the Lions on Thanksgiving. Cole Kmet even made mention that he had to turn off his phone in an attempt to tune out the noise that came with (inaccurate) reports of Head Coach Matt Nagy’s impending firing. And then there was Johnson, who was unfazed by all of it:

•   If you’ll recall, Johnson told reporters he was sick of “rah rah” speeches, in a move that serves as a reminder that the Bears corner is all about that action. It is that kind of attitude that helps explain why Johnson is never afraid of taking on the league’s top talents. And that includes this week’s top option for the Cardinals, all-world receiver DeAndre Hopkins. “I feel like I’ve faced a pretty good amount of wide receiver 1s,” Johnson said, via NBC Sports Chicago’s Alex Shapiro. “At the end of the day, for me, it’s just staying true to who I am, being confident in my preparation, being confident in my ability and going out there and performing the same way I have all year.”

•   Johnson has been in on each of the Bears’ 715 defensive snaps this season, which is a pleasant sign after missing the final three regular-season games (and the playoff loss) in his rookie year. Opposing passers are completing just 57.4 percent of their passes when targeting Johnson, and are posting only a 90.0 passer rating on those throws. Johnson has 8 pass breakups and an interception to his name this season, which is helping him cement his CB1 status. Should the Bears task Johnson with shadowing DeAndre Hopkins, it could certainly help his résumé.

•   It really sounds like Cardinals QB Kyler Murray will be joining Hopkins in the huddle this Sunday:

•   Hope they’re ready for the Soldier Field Turf Monster.

•   The only thing as menacing as the lakefront monster who lurks throughout Soldier FIeld’s surface is Robert Quinn, the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Month for November. Get this man to the Pro Bowl:


•   Before Quinn brought home the hardware, the last Bears player to earn Defensive Player of the Month honors was Eddie Jackson for his efforts in November 2018. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have 2018 Eddie Jackson hanging out in Chicago’s secondary. Not to say Jackson can’t get back to that level. The 2018 first-team All-Pro is healthy after a hamstring injury on Halloween caused him to miss essentially three games in a four-week span. Merely getting Jackson back in the lineup is a help. Chicago is banged up across the board, so having as many healthy bodies as possible figures to be helpful.

•   No matter how the Bears finish record wise, I think this is something to root for: Justin Fields winning the NFC’s Offensive Rookie of the Month award for December. Of course, that campaign can begin in earnest once Fields is fully healthy.

•   This is one of the saddest stats I’ve ever come across:


•   Finally, an explanation for the weirdest coin toss ever:

•   To be fair, Christian Jones has a point about the refs being sketchy this year. Especially in Bears game. And I don’t think he’s wrong in wanting to check the refs. Sometimes, you need to keep authority figures on their toes. Let ’em know you’re willing to play third-dimensional chess while they’re playing checkers.

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•   Hey, this is pretty neat for Michigan coach (and former Bears QB) Jim Harbaugh:

•   The NBA finally handed out punishment for “tampering” charges, and the Bulls got off light. I mean, if the punishment is just a future second-round pick, then what is to stop tampering in the future? By all means, if it leads to Chicago’s basketball team landing stud players, keep tampering

•   Seabs returns to hockey, but not in the capacity you’re used to seeing him in:

Author: Luis Medina

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