Nagy Goes Full Fox, Untapped Potential, Daboll's Blunder, Fields' Punt to Win, and Other Bears Bullets

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Nagy Goes Full Fox, Untapped Potential, Daboll’s Blunder, Fields’ Punt to Win, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

It is impossible to watch the Bulls pick up another huge win without thinking about how this turnaround began with sweeping changes in the front office and coaching staff. Meanwhile, the Bears sputter along trying to make a bad year look less stinky by putting player development on the back burner. Sigh.

•   If you’ve been pining for old-school, smash mouth football, then I hope you had eyes on Monday Night Football last night. Low scoring. Plenty of defense. Weird wind tricks. And a Patriots offense that ran the ball 43 more times than it threw it en route to a 14-10 win against the Bills.

•   Here is a halftime stat that successfully captured the spirit of the thing:

•   We’ll discuss Josh McDaniels later. But for now, I can’t shake these thoughts I’m having about Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll. There is a faction of Bears fans drooling over the idea of teaming Daboll and Justin Fields in Chicago next season. For what it’s worth, Daboll’s résumé is intriguing. He has working experience with Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, and Andy Reid (among other highlights). And if this Matt Nagy experience has taught us anything, it’s that the Bears should exercise caution if they hire a coach who has spent all of his time under one umbrella. And while I caution folks from overreacting to one game when it comes to a coach’s potential future candidacy. However, that game left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

•   In a game with extreme elements, the Bills threw the ball 30 times. Sure, I realize Josh Allen is getting paid mega-bucks. But I’d have cautioned throwing the ball that much in those conditions. Then again, that might not have been the worst offense. Allen was given just six carries last night, which is far too few. Allen has five games this year in which he has been given more than six rushing attempts. And on a night in which the Pats found a way to run it 41 times with ball carriers, the lack of designed runs for Josh Freakin’ Allen was absurd. That’s a missed opportunity Daboll and the Bills will be chewing on until these two teams meet again.

•   The dad gum kickoff flew down the tunnel beyond the end zone like it was Bo Jackson running down the Kingdome tunnel:


•   Oh, and don’t get it twisted. I still have interest in Daboll as a head-coaching candidate. There is no reason to let one game sway my whole opinion. But the process last night was as undesirable as the result.

•   In other MNF news, the Mannings are successfully avoiding the Bears for a second time this year. If we could all be so lucky…

•   I was planning on keeping this one to myself, but last night’s ManningCast was lacking some oomphzing, and zest. And I guess I wasn’t alone in feeling that:

•   As for the Bears, they enter Packers Week on the cusp of repeating history (in all the wrong ways):

•   Matt Nagy turned into John Fox so gradually, I hardly noticed. Prioritizing wins at the expense of player development tends to happen far too often when coaches know they’re on the hot seat. And that we have back-to-back examples of Bears coaches doing this isn’t a great look for the coach (or the GM who brought him in). It’s almost as if changes are necessary. As in … now.

•   You can really see Justin Fields’ potential in charts like this one:

•   But this won’t be fully unlocked until he gets a coach who understands what to do with him.

•   Regardless of who has or hasn’t quit on this Bears team, David Montgomery has 10 toes down for his squad:


•   Matt Forte was ahead of his time:

•   Punting is winning when San Diego State’s Matt Araiza is booting ’em:

•   Keeping an eye on some college prospects turning pro:

•   You know what … good for the Lions:

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•   Marcus Stroman’s signing with the Cubs is getting plenty of love from some of baseball’s brighter minds, which make me feel even better about the addition. And I was already feeling pretty darn good about it. (Bleacher Nation)

•   Chicago is the best city on the planet, and don’t you forget it:

•   The Winter Olympics are coming, but the NHL’s players might not be wholly on board:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.