Rodgers Has No Regrets, A-Rob Says Nice Things About Packerland, Pro Bowl Worthy Bears, and Other Bears Bullets

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Rodgers Has No Regrets, A-Rob Says Nice Things About Packerland, Pro Bowl Worthy Bears, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

If you were wondering what a verzuz pitting Kanye West against Drake would look like, the two put on quite the show last night at the Los Angeles Coliseum. And if you didn’t catch it, it’s floating around.

•   Aaron Rodgers plays the role of supervillain so well, you might as well give him a mask, cape, laser sword, and a Sith origin story. That guy is ready to ignite that saber again:

•   The Packers QB ruffled feathers with his proclamation claiming his ownership of the Bears after scoring a touchdown that proved to be a dagger in the earlier meeting between the two rivals. That viral moment serves as one of the latest data points of embarrassment at the hands of Rodgers and the Packers. And it will surely come up on Sunday Night Football, likely a handful of times at the least. But rather than push it aside, it sounds like the Bears are taking it personally. Why not? This might be the last great rallying cry Matt Nagy has at his disposal as a head coach.

•   NBC Sports Chicago’s Alex Shapiro highlights some Bears going into Last Dance Air Jordan mode in taking the slight personally:

⇒   “We’re aware of it,” Nagy said, in a tone sounding like someone who’s been building up this as bulletin board material since it went down.

⇒   “Obviously it’s personal, but that’s the nature of the business,” said safety Tashaun Gipson Sr., who is in his second year experiencing the rivalry. ” That’s the nature of the game, especially when you come into these rivalry games where it’s so much history behind it. You gotta take these things personal.”

⇒   “This rivalry means a lot to not only the people around here, but the people of Chicago,” returning QB1 Justin Fields said.

•   The players … they’re just like us in being pissed off about the Packers having their way with the Bears for the better part of the last 30 years or so.

•   And if that isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, Fields has a boulder on his shoulder:

•   This is probably Nagy’s last game coaching in a Bears-Packers rivalry game, so I fully expect him to break out some more quirky play-calling. Might as well empty the bag when you’ve got a chance. But more than gadgetry, Chicago’s next head coach needs to bond with his players at this level:

•   This is pretty cool to see an active player give a shoutout to an up-and-comer:

•   David Bell was Purdue’s top pass-catcher and the Big Ten’s Receiver of the Year. Allen Robinson II was a two-time Big Ten Receiver of the Year award winner. Not only is it cool to see a public nod like this, it’s possible that Robinson is dapping a potential replacement in Chicago. The Bears will be in the receiver market this offseason, and – as of now – Bell projects to be a second-round pick. That means he could land right in a sweet spot for Chicago to land him. Wouldn’t that be something?

•   ICYMI: An early release of the 2022 NFL Draft’s top-100 prospects has a slew of receiver prospects who project to land as second-round options. Get to know some of these guys who will certainly be on our radar.

•   In some corners of the internet, Robinson is catching heat for this…

•   … but he really shouldn’t. Lambeau Field is one of the best sports environments I’ve ever been a part of as a fan. Everyone is into the game. There is a historic feeling you’re overcome with when being in that arena. And I would suggest getting out there for a Bears-Packers game if you can. Again, there’s nothing wrong with what Robinson said. It’s just that maybe this wasn’t the week for it.

•   Also … the Packers are $38,706,300 *OVER* the projected 2022 salary cap. The only team in a worse situation is a New Orleans team $61,084,802 in the red. On the one hand, the salary cap is a myth and teams can manipulate their way into the black. But on the other hand, that’s an awful lot of heavy lifting to get into the clear.

•   Worth noting: The Bears project to be $44,160,664 *UNDER* the cap. Only 10 teams have more cap space. Sure, Chicago has more holes to fill than most. But at least it’s got some room to work with when getting to work.

•   Hey, you! Your vote counts. Get some deserving Bears the love they are earning with their individual play:

•   Roquan Smith tackles everyone and is generally awesome. He deserves a vote. Robert Quinn will sack your quarterback as part of his epic revenge tour. So, he is deserving of your vote. David Montgomery gives a damn and isn’t quitting on this team. Give him your vote. Cairo Santos doesn’t doink kicks. That should get him Pro Bowl votes, but should also get him some write-in votes in the next Chicago mayoral election.

•   Randall Cobb won’t be around to crush our souls this time around:

•   The Huskers made their poaching of Bears Assistant OL Coach Donovan Raiola officially official:


•   I never thought I’d be promoting an idea by the Eagles, but this is good advice to take. There’s nothing wrong with being a little less offline during a break period:

•   A fun read with some interesting perspectives from ESPN’s Jeff Legwold, who chronicles why 169 former NFL players have gone the route of high school football coach. Take some time out of your day to read this one.

•   Thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to the friends, family, and fans of Demaryius Thomas:

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•   Nice to see The Captain get on the scoreboard:

•   The post lockout market should be lit:

•   The Bulls’ playoff odds are looking GOOD:

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