America Loves Watching the Bears, Tuesday's Best, Attractive Gigs, and Other Bears Bullets

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America Loves Watching the Bears, Tuesday’s Best, Attractive Gigs, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

For the second time in as many weeks, I’m getting an opportunity to play Uncle Lu. It’s a role I haven’t been wholly available over the last two years because *gestures at world events limiting travel* … but I’m glad I’m getting a chance now during the holiday season.

•   If you were curious as to why the NFL insists on putting the Bears in prime-time, this should answer your question:

•   Bears fans really are that sicko meme. Honestly, we should wear that as a badge of honor. There is something about being there for rock bottom moments that makes the climb (and eventually, reaching the top) that much more satisfying.

•   Seriously … imagine what kind of bonkers numbers the Bears would put up if they had a GM who built around a quarterback with upside and potential. Or were lucky enough to have a coach who can get the most out of the players at his disposal. Now imagine if you had both at your disposal. Giggity!

•   The Bears’ ranking here seems sub-optimal:

•   Gosh, this Bears job should be an attractive one. The franchise’s failures as an organization aren’t from a lack of effort. Instead, the shortcomings are a result of not knowing what to do when opportunity presents itself. With that being said, folks should be drooling over the Bears head coach and general manager jobs (once they become open). Much like the Cubs’ manager/front office gigs in years before 2016, there is an allure of working with a charter franchise. Moreover, there will be those who are drawn to the job because it is an historic undertaking that could make a legend out of the right people if they do the right things. Just sayin’ … there should be no shortage of interest when it comes to it.

•   Justin Fields’ appearance on these lists is problematic…

•   But it’s not as if people are ignoring his ball security issues. This is a work in progress. Fields is an incredibly gifted athlete with loud tools, swagger, and confidence. He lacks competent coaching and adequate weapons. At this point, we know Fields isn’t walking through that door and magically making everything better merely by showing up. However, he is making things far more entertaining than they would be if he wasn’t in Chicago. And that should count for something, even if there isn’t a stat column for it.

•   Part of me is excited to see what a clean slate will bring this offseason. But part of me worries about what things might look like if the team doesn’t adequately replace Allen Robinson II out wide and James Daniels in the middle of the offensive line. And after his recent jolt of energy and Pro Bowl appearance, we should probably add Jakeem Grant Sr. to the list of players we’d like to see back with the team in some capacity. When one player can wear several different hats, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

•   Want to feel good about a player who is under contract for next year? Lester Wiltfong Jr.’s thread highlighting Teven Jenkins’ excellence on MNF will warm your soul on a cold December morning:

•   The penalties are a problem. And the discipline is something he can tidy up in due time. But Jenkins’ effort is there. As is his energy. And if you think about how this was his first start and extended reps since November 2020, it’s really impressive to see Jenkins do this much. There are flashes where Jenkins looks the part of being an impact offensive lineman. I’d like to see more, starting with a performance on Sunday against the Seahawks that builds on his most recent showing.

•   It is encouraging news to see Duke Shelley is coming off the COVID reserve list, per The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain. Oh, and Artie Burns is re-joining the group, too. Adding any healthy bodies in the secondary will not be turned away from Halas Hall this time of year. But that Chicago’s replacement DBs performed so admirably on Monday Night Football doesn’t speak too kindly for what the group before them was doing on game days.

•   D’oh! Defensive lineman Bilal Nichols is on the reserve/COVID-19 list, per NFL insider Aaron Wilson.

•   I’ll never understand how the Bears were never unable to unlock Leonard Floyd’s full potential. But good for him on his glow-up:

•   Jalen Hurts was ballin’ on T(Tuesday)NF:

•   So was Cooper Kupp:

•   Don’t love having this many QBs in common with Washington’s football team:

•   Here’s a thing I didn’t realize: Kyle Pitts has a shot at breaking Mike Ditka’s record for receiving yards by a rookie tight end. (PFT)

•   I have an interest in the “mutual interest” that exists between the Cubs and Carlos Correa:

•   There are few Olympic events that capture my interest like men’s and women’s ice hockey. On the men’s side, I was totally into it while following which Blackhawks were performing internationally. But that doesn’t seem to be in the cards this winter:

•   Love it when a good hometown story comes together:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.