Matt Nagy Is Under the Assumption He’ll Finish the Year Coaching the Bears

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Matt Nagy Is Under the Assumption He’ll Finish the Year Coaching the Bears

Chicago Bears

The NFL has a new rule this season that allows teams to interview assistant coaches for head coach openings during the final two weeks of the regular season. The only caveat(s) is that the interviewing team must (a) already have a vacancy at head coach or (b) have already informed their incumbent of an impending split. Needless to say, this has us on high alert when it comes to the Chicago Bears, who figure to make a coaching change at some point in the near future.

But if they’re going to get a head start on that process, taking advantage of that new rule, it seems like it’ll more likely be a Caveat-B Scenario. 

In his press conference earlier today (video below), Matt Nagy said “Yes,” he is under the assumption that he will coach the remaining two games on the Bears schedule. In other words, he does not believe he will be the first Chicago Bears head coach to be fired before the end of the regular season. And with that caveat unfulfilled, the only remaining way the Bears could kickstart the process of finding their next head coach would be if Nagy was told he would be fired after the season. And that part is a little murkier.

In his presser, Nagy said that his communication with George McCaskey, Ted Phillips, and Ryan Pace is the same as it ever was, seemingly implying that there was no new conversation to be had about his future for now. But that doesn’t really tell us as much as we’d like.

For example, Nagy could have already been told that he’ll be gone after the next two games, but is keeping it quiet, either for personal reasons or to tow the company line. Or that conversation could still be in his future. Or the Bears could have no intentions of utilizing this new rule. Or (nightmare scenario) the Bears don’t plan on firing him at all. Obviously, some of those are more likely than others, but it’s just a wide range of possibilities.

The only thing we know for sure in this moment is that Matt Nagy says he believes he is coaching the final two games of the Bears season. And given the organizational history of not firing a head coach mid-season, it’s a fair bet he’ll be right about that one. Stay tuned, this feels like only the beginning.

Michael Cerami contributed to this post.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.