A-Rob Lost 10 LBs, Quinn Chases History, Jags Search Goes Big, Remembering JD and Madden, and Other Bears Bullets

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A-Rob Lost 10 LBs, Quinn Chases History, Jags Search Goes Big, Remembering JD and Madden, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

If you admire somebody you should go on ahead, tell ’em
People never get the flowers while they can still smell ’em

-Kanye West, Big Brother

•   As fans, we knew Jeff Dickerson as a Bears beat guy who was always there for us as a conduit between fans and the team we love. Whether it was asking questions in press conferences, dropping knowledge on the radio, or doing so online, everyone loved what Dickerson did as a reporter. But his colleagues who knew him best came through with an amazing outpouring of love in the wake of his passing that was heart-warming:

•   I could go on with the shares. Dickerson was a positive influence on so many lives. And that speaks volumes for who he was as a person, especially in an industry where not everyone is kind to others.

•   In a reminder that there is still good in people, a GoFundMe to financially support his son Parker Dickerson has already more than doubled up on its initial goal. Parker, 11, has now lost both parents to cancer in the span of a few years. I imagine it’s been tough, but it’s nice to see the community rally around a good cause. May we, as a society, continue to do right for those who are deserving and needing of our help and support. Be good people. Do good things.

•   This is a nice touch from our friends at Obvious Shirts, who are donating 100 percent of the proceeds of these shirts celebrating Jeff Dickerson’s life to the GoFundMe linked above.

•   Not too long after Dickerson’s passing, news came across the wires announcing John Madden’s passing. And the flood of memories flowed:

•   Bears fans were treated to a ton of Madden over the years:

•   Here’s a rabbit hole you’ll want to fall down:

•   Today feels like a good day to have some lighter conversations. For instance, I’m looking forward to the replies here and perhaps your sharing of your favorite Madden moment. Everybody’s got one:


•   Oh, yeah. The Bears play a game this week. Their opponent happens to be the New York (Football) Giants. Much like the Bears, the Giants are a team with quarterback questions stemming from the health of QB1. But at least Chicago’s options aren’t this bad:


•   Robert Quinn, whose next sack will give him the Bears’ single-season record, must be licking his chops at the tweet above.

•   Which Bears QB will oppose the Giants “D” is still unknown right now. Will it be Justin Fields? If so, it would make for a nice storyline facing Jake Fromm, his former Georgia teammate. Or will it be Nick Foles? He did just post a passer rating in the 98s and led the Bears to their most recent win. Is Andy Dalton even available?

•   A worthwhile thread relating to Fields:

•   Get Fields some blockers. Throw in some fresh targets. And maybe there’s hope for 2022 (and beyond).

•   Allen Robinson II’s future with the Bears is up-in-the-air. He is a free-agent-to-be, but the Bears could hand him the Franchise (or Transition) Tag in the offseason. After a disappointing season, it’s tough to see Chicago go the tag route again. But frankly, I just hope he can get out of this year healthy:


•   This feels like good news. I just hope this is being done for the right reasons and not with the intent of shoehorning in football just because:

•   Relying on players who will play through so much to honestly report symptoms after a positive test feels like asking a lot of humans who are used to going at one speed. I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for the other shoe to drop.

•   The Jaguars continue to be BUSY:

•   It’s been a while since the Jags got one of these coaching searches right, but I appreciate the hustle. Different strokes for different folks being what they are, I truly believe the best way to do aa coaching search is to do it in waves. Pick as many brains as you can. Gather all the nuggets, tidbits, and notes from the best and brightest while the possibility is here. Take everything into consideration. Then move on with the best hire your team can make.

•   Then again, if it was that simple, then everyone would do it. But the least one can do is try.

•   Reading about the Blackhawks depth issues at center should be relatable for Bears fans who bemoan the lack of depth at *gestures at the roster*:

•   I love a good revenge game:

•   In-season pitch development and implementation into one’s repertoire is one of those things I love about baseball:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.