Kmet's Flexibility Shines, CFP's Top Prospects, Can Hester Help Others Get to Canton? And Other Bears Bullets

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Kmet’s Flexibility Shines, CFP’s Top Prospects, Can Hester Help Others Get to Canton? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The final day of 2021 is here. For the Chicago Bears, it’s been an absolute trip. But it’s a journey I’ve been happy to take with you folks who have been reading, commenting, interacting, and sharing our stuff. Here’s to more days like the one when the Bears traded up to draft Justin Fields, and fewer days like the ones where they lose to the Packers.


•   I’m looking forward to clearing out some time to check this out. And if you’re reading this, I think you should also do the same:

•   Colleen Kane (Tribune) reports the NFL and Chicago sports communities have raised more than $900,000 for Packer Dickerson, the son of the late Jeff Dickerson, an ESPN reporter Bears fans grew familiar with over the years as a beat guy online and on the radio. Following the updates noting the generosity has been a nice change of pace from the type of stuff that generally gets pushed onto the timeline. Here’s hoping that JD’s son gets the emotional support he needs (in addition to the financial help). And let’s try to keep that energy going into (and through) 2022. Helping others feels good.

•   NBC Sports Chicago’s Adam Hoge notes that the Packers donated $25,000 to the fund. An honorable deed from a fierce rival. You gotta respect that from them, as well as the other NFL teams, players, coaches, and others who lent a helping hand.

•   ICYMI: Devin Hester is one of 15 finalists for induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s class of 2022. It would be a great honor for The Greatest Return Man in the History of the World to get in on his first crack. Not just for him, but also as an opportunity to get other specialists their eventual due. Much like offensive linemen, special teams contributors are far too underrepresented in the Hall of Fame. Hester getting in on the first ballot could pave the way for others who come after him, while also raising awareness for those who have been snubbed for a while. In other words, there are ample reasons to pull for Hester to make the cut. Do the right thing, voters.

•   Yeah … these highlights hit all the right spots:

•   Trying to find a feel for second-year tight end Cole Kmet has been a challenge. As we all know by now, development isn’t always linear. And when it comes to tight ends, the line of development comes with a hearty number of zig-zags. Over at the Sun-Times, Jason Lieser tries to unearth an answer regarding a player the Bears used the No. 43 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft to select ahead of a number of other players at bigger positions of need.

•   Bears Radio analyst Tom Thayer’s breakdown of Kmet’s versatility will allow you to dream on better things to come:

•   To be clear, it would’ve been nice to have some certainty regarding who Kmet is and what he would be moving forward for this team by now. However, there is enough of a floor to establish Kmet as a contributor. Perhaps new eyes on his situation will help him grow in 2022. The tape above suggests that a coach whose system can get the most out of Kmet could truly help Chicago’s offense break out of its doldrums.

•   Speaking of dreaming on a better future, this would be nice:

•   The Wisconsin-Arizona State game ended with the Badgers going on a 19-play, 90-yard drive that ate 9 minutes, 53 seconds of game clock. It was throwback football at its best. And frankly, I’ll admit to liking it more than I probably should. So … what will the college football playoff semifinals give us that the Badgers and Sun Devils couldn’t?

•   Alex Shapiro (NBC Sports Chicago) produces a list of college football prospects to keep tabs on during bowl season. Among them are eight players suiting up in games over the next two days. So sit back, relax, strap it on, and get your yellow pads ready. Bonus points if you unearth a gem and tag us.

•   I love seeing stuff like this from the Bears community:

•  The good kind of questions being asked about the Bulls season.

•   For a team that finished the year down in the dumps, the Cubs were rather interesting for a healthy chunk of the 2021 year:

•   When I began this set of Bullets, our @BN_Bulls Twitter account was 212 followers away from reaching 20,000. If anyone on the Chicago pro sports scene deserves your love and adoration this winter, it’s the Bulls. So give BN Bulls a follow. And check them out on Facebook, too.

•   BN also covers the Blackhawks:

Author: Luis Medina

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