The Washington Football Team Will Announce a New Name and Logo On Feb. 2

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The Washington Football Team Will Announce a New Name and Logo On Feb. 2

Chicago Bears

When the Chicago Bears play host the Washington Football Team in 2022, they could be facing a whole new team.

Finally, changes are coming to our nation capital in Washington, D.C.:

It has been quite a journey for Washington football since beginning its re-branding with an interim name in 2020. And it will come to an end on Feb. 2, just 11 days before the Super Bowl. Part of me hopes the Washington Football Team sticks with its current color scheme and nickname, if only because I’m a simple kind of man. Burgundy and gold are great uniform colors and are both easy to style in a variety of ways. However, it truly seems as if Washington will knock it out of the park with its new name and logo.

Back in August, it was reported finalists were chosen from these candidates: Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Redhogs, Commanders, RedWolves, Defenders, and Football Team. And in September, Football Team Co-CEO Tanya Snyder mentioned Presidents, Redhawks, and Commanders as being among the possibilities. We can cross out Wolves or RedWolves, which were among the most popular fan favorite suggestions. Both of those have trademarking hurdles that would’ve been a challenge to clear. Thus, keeping me from using Kanye West’s “ima fix wolves” tweet for football meme’ing purposes. Awww, shucks!

Whatever it is, the Bears will get a good look at it in 2022. That’s because Chicago’s football team is set to host its Washington counterparts next season. So here’s to Justin Fields taking down those [name redacted until Feb. 2] at some point in 2022!

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.