A Company is Suing the Jaguars So They Don't Have to Be Associated with the Team's Final "Clown Game"

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A Company is Suing the Jaguars So They Don’t Have to Be Associated with the Team’s Final “Clown Game”

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Sometimes I laugh writing the headline to a post. Not because I’m clever, but because I can’t think of a way to describe the post that *ISN’T* ridiculous. I had trouble with this one because how do you capture the absurdity in a headline?

I often think about how any clownery we see this year from the Chicago Bears is comfortably dwarfed by that of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Most of that was the doomed-from-the-start Urban Meyer hiring, but the fans are sufficiently fed up overall that they have circulated plans to show up for the season finale dressed as clowns. Like, actual clown costumes. It could be amazing.

Not that everyone agrees. Lulz:

From the article: “RoofClaim.com, a roofing company based in Georgia that does business in Florida, is seeking to avoid ‘its brand being emphasized as the primary sponsor of the clown game,’ according to a complaint filed Thursday in circuit court in Jacksonville.”

The company (rightly) fears that the Sunday afternoon game is going to become a farce, and the subject of all kinds of (hilarious) negative coverage. So they want to avoid being part of that. I totally get it. But dang if it isn’t funny.

Don’t forget! We have a STRONG rooting interest in this game: if the Jaguars beat the Colts, it sets up a “totally bonkers” situation later that night in the Chargers-Raiders game, where both teams would benefit from a tie. If you missed it, see here.

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