Building Hester's HOF Case, Turnaround Artists, Vote Terence, and Other Bears Bullets

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Building Hester’s HOF Case, Turnaround Artists, Vote Terence, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I feel like every moment I’m not refreshing Twitter is one in which a new GM or head coach candidate will emerge.

•   Patrick Finley (Sun-Times) has a breakdown of the Bears’ big week. Give it some time to read. Allow it to sink in. And just know that this feels like just the beginning. Twelve GM names are already on the board, with interviews coming daily. Åt that pace; I don’t think it’ll be long until we reach double figures in head coach candidates.

•   Over at 670 The Score, Chris Emma has a request of his own: Think differently. Chicago’s process being rooted in stubbornness needs to change. Ideally, bringing in Bill Polian as an outsider will help matters. In theory, creating a committee for the interview and vetting processes will provide for the Bears moving forward what was missing in the past.

•   After reading through and re-sharing a piece detailing the organizational failures that have undercut the Bears over the last decade+, I needed to read something to put my Bears brain in a better place. Thankfully, that feel-good piece fell into my lap. Dan Pompei and Mike Sando (The Athletic) build one heckuva case for Devin Hester’s Hall of Fame induction. And while I’m wary of making bold predictions that could be wrong, I’d feel confident in saying Hester is Hall of Fame-bound if Pompei can make this case to voters. Doing for Hester what he did for Brian Urlacher would be a wonderful treat for Bears fans looking for something to celebrate this summer at the Hall.

•   Hester was so iconic, merely seeing an image of the Arizona Cardinals logo reminds me of his awesomeness:

•   Let’s get another one to Canton:

•   No, the football wasn’t all that great. But the art was fire:

•   All things considered, this is a friendly reminder of how quickly teams can turn it around:


•  Something to listen to today:

•   I wonder how many points this group would score:

•   It’ll be a dream to see Bears offensive players earn first-team All-Pro honors. One day…

•   ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Bears Special Teams Coordinator Chris Tabor will interview with the Carolina Panthers, who have an opening at that coaching position. Some might ask why the Panthers would do such a thing? And to those people, I would underscore how Tabor’s position group was the only one during the Matt Nagy era that was better with each passing year. It’s a shame that was unable to rub off on the offense.

•   Also, for what it’s worth, Tabor is still listed as the team’s special teams coach on the Bears website. That might be a formality. But also, I doubt the Bears would hold back a coach or coordinator from getting another job when they are bringing in a new regime altogether.

•   Going on Day 3 of laughing because of this tweet:

•   While the Bulls will always hold a special place in my heart as my childhood favorite team, the Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson Warriors did as much to shape my basketball mind and fandom as the Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen Bulls. That’s the highest compliment I can pay. Hence, it’s a bummer to read that Klay Thompson won’t play tonight.

•   It was nice to see Patrick Kane get back in the goal column last night:

•   Is this where I make a trash can joke?

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