Re-Visiting the OT Rules, Are the Coaches Actually Good or Just Trendy? And Other Bears Bullets

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Re-Visiting the OT Rules, Are the Coaches Actually Good or Just Trendy? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

So … how was your weekend? Good as Gould, I hope.

•   2022 Playoff Wins: Joe Burrow 2, Matthew Stafford 2, Aaron Rodgers 0. Just a little fun fact for your Monday.

•   It is absolutely messed up the Bills weren’t able to get a shot at answering the Chiefs’ overtime touchdown. Don’t get me wrong. I understand the rules. And I realize there is a prisoner-of-the-moment aspect to this. Even still … I could’ve watched those two teams rack up points all night and until the sun came up. But there are probably labor laws that would prevent that logistically. Nevertheless, I was hoping that game would never end. It had everything you would want from a Super Bowl, but in a Divisional Round game. That is how football should look.

•   One of these days, I want some NFL broadcast production team to make “The Coin” the game’s MVP if it goes to overtime:


•   Here is hoping the NFL re-visits playoff overtime rules. My preference would be to play an entire quarter. But I realize that might not be in the best interest of player safety. But there has to be a different way to do it. For what it’s worth, if there is a way to profit handsomely from changing the overtime rules, then the NFL will (1) find it and (2) implement it for the upcoming season. That’ll be too late for the Bills, but not so much for the game as a whole.

•   Dang, this is cold:

•   Yesterday was not a good one for the defensive coaches who happen to be on the Bears’ wish list. Not when Leslie Frazier’s unit was leaving Travis Kelce open up the seam with 13 seconds left. Or when Todd Bowles’ defense can’t cover Cooper Kupp. And is throwing blitzes against Matthew Stafford despite this being a thing:


•   Meanwhile, the offensive coaches were having a ball. The Chiefs put up 42, and Eric Bieniemy figures to be getting some call-backs soon. Brian Daboll’s offense put up 36 in a losing effort. Byron Leftwich’s gang in Tampa put up 27 points in the second half of yesterday’s defeat. The Bears scored 27 in just three games in 2021 and on just 11 times in 50 games since the start of the 2019 season. So much offense. Where do I sign up?

•   I’m not even sure Bears QBs had this many deep targets all season:

•   Related reading: Mark Potash (Sun-Times) explores if Bills OC Brian Daboll is the truth or just another hot-at-the-time offensive coordinator candidate, as this is the challenge all these coaching-starved teams are trying to conquer.

•   This should be Exhibit A as to why the Bears should be angling for an offensive-leaning coach:

•   Of course, it isn’t to say that Chicago’s football team should pigeonhole itself into focusing only on offensive coaches. After all, we saw special teams trip up the NFC’s top-seed and defense lift the up-start four-seed in the AFC. But I understand why it’s working.

•   Watching Cooper Kupp cook everyone in Tampa’s secondary had me in my bag:

•   For someone who was trying so hard to be Andy Reid, why weren’t Matt Nagy’s press conferences this entertaining?

•   The works of art that have come out this postseason have been chef’s kiss good:

•   OK, but let’s not over-think this:

•   I imagine the interview was simply Mr. Ryans showing up and asking: “Did you watch Saturday night’s Packers-Niners game? Whaddya think?”

•   I feel like I have a football hangover. What’s the remedy? Seriously. I don’t want to feel like this all day.

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•   Not only did the NBA give Grayson Allen the “go to your room and think about what you did” punishment, it did so while allowing him to have dessert, too. And the Bucks made it weirder by releasing a statement:

•   Optimism was high to start the year. And with good reason. But this Blackhawks thing hasn’t been anything near as good or fun as we were hoping:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.