It's Eberflus! Perspective from the Colts Side, Roethlisberger Officially Retires, and Other Bears Bullets

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It’s Eberflus! Perspective from the Colts Side, Roethlisberger Officially Retires, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The hirings of Nathaniel Hackett (Broncos) and Matt Eberflus (Bears) have opened the floodgates. And suddenly, I regret skipping breakfast this morning.

•   As someone who holds back audible groans when people mispronounce Luis, I feel like it’s important that we get this going off the jump:

•   “E” like how you’d say the letter … “burr” like it was a Gucci Mane ad-lib … “floose” like you put “F” in front of loose. Hopefully, there won’t be much loose-ing moving forward with Eberflus (say it with me now!) in charge.

•   This thread from Colts beat reporter on the new Bears head coach and the reaction from Colts fans is a journey:

•   You should give the whole thread a read as we all bone up on this together. There is much more Holder digs into. But, at minimum, the perspective is surely appreciated.

•   Naturally, it didn’t take long for the Eberflus hire to sour on some folks. And the ink isn’t even dry yet:

•   The cruel twist here is that the Bears just went down the path of hiring a hot offensive coordinator to reel in the talents of a young quarterback. Not only did it not work, it bottomed out in a pretty painful way. This isn’t to say I wouldn’t want to bark up that tree again. But I can understand the other side of zigging after zagging.

•   And, hey, there is nowhere to go but up after bottoming out with the hot-shot quarterback-friendly coaching hire from 2018.

•   We’ll be on fact-gathering missions for the foreseeable future when it comes to the Bears new head coach hire. In the meantime, I don’t think this would be the worst thing to hear from the new guy. It sure beats looking for the ‘why’s’ every week:

•   It would be quite the power move to pull this as an interviewee for the GM job. But Ryan Poles is a fresh face with new ideas. That alone piques my interest:

•   What do the Bears see in Eberflus? Brad Biggs (Tribune) explores that as he discusses Eberflus with players who played for and those who coached with the new Bears coach. And kudos to Biggs, who put this piece together on Wednesday. You might’ve seen it referenced in yesterday’s Bullets. If you did, then thanks for reading. I appreciate your support.

•   Adam Jahns (The Athletic) did some diving on the three Bears head coach finalists. Obviously, you’ll want to focus on the Eberflus section.

•   We sure do love takeaways:

•   This is a thing we’ll be obsessing over in the coming days (weeks? months?):

•   Obsessive Aaron Rodgers Trade Proposal Watch will be a treat:

•   One quarterback who isn’t in the equation for a job anywhere next year is Ben Roethlisberger. The Pittsburgh Steelers QB is hanging ’em up:

•   Statistically, Roethlisberger had quite the career. He threw for 64,088 yards, 418 touchdowns, and finished with a 93.5 passer rating over an 18-season journey. There were six Pro Bowl trips and two Super Bowl titles won, too. But off-the-field issues (a motorcycle accident that occurred while operating under an expired temporary permit and a pair of high-profile sexual assault allegations that led to a suspension in 2010) are black marks on whatever legacy he has left in Pittsburgh.

•   Byron Leftwich, who was once Roethlisberger’s backup with the Steelers, appears to have things lining up for him to take over the Jaguars job:

•   Earlier, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that the Jaguars were in Denver to pick up Vic Fangio and interview him for their head coach opening. Perhaps that is one of those things where that was a topic that allowed Jacksonville to ease into pitching Fangio on a possible Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator title. Just spitballin’. Teaming a first-time head coach (Leftwich) with an NFL old-head (Fangio) is a sensible concept.

•   Well, this would throw a wrench in the Jaguars’ plans:

•   Maybe Saints want to see if he has some throws left in him. In any case, the Jaguars might want to speed up their process. Eberflus, a finalist in Jacksonville, is off the board. Losing Leftwich to the Saints would really take a ton of wind out of their sails. Putting Leftwich on an established staff and a solid front office wouldn’t be the worst idea.

•   Front office changes are all the rage these days:


•   Cubs baseball wouldn’t be what it is today without Sammy Sosa:

•   Russell Dorsey joining Cat Garcia for the latest episode of the Grab a Drink podcast means two of  my favorite baseball writers linked up for a chat. Give it a listen. And if you missed my appearance, you should check that out, too.

•   The Bulls aren’t the only team checking in on what is happening on the rumor mill:

•   Nice to see Justin Fields support Chicago’s other teams. And pretty cool to see him get the love right back:


Author: Luis Medina

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