Keeping Track of the Chicago Bears' Offseason Hires

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Keeping Track of the Chicago Bears’ Offseason Hires

Chicago Bears

We’ve gone from change being in the air at the end of the regular season to it, you know, actually happening here in the first month of the offseason. In short, the Chicago Bears have been busy.

They’ve got all sorts of new personnel coming on board. Ryan Poles is leading the charge as the new general manager. He even created a new position (Assistant GM) shortly after his hiring, then brought in Ian Cunningham to fill that role. Matt Eberflus is the top dog on the coaching staff. And while he has been installed as the head coach for about a week, Eberflus has been building out a staff to work with him to turn this thing around.

We’ll continue tracking an offseason of changes here. This is just the beginning.

Front Office

General Manager: Ryan Poles – Hired on Jan. 25.

Assistant General Manager: Ian Cunningham – Hired on Jan. 29.

Head Coach and Coordinators

Head Coach: Matt Eberflus – Hired on Jan. 27.

Offensive CoordinatorLuke Getsy – Hired on Jan. 30.

Defensive Coordinator: Alan Williams – Hired on Feb. 2.

Special Teams Coordinator: Richard Hightower – Hired on Feb. 6.

Assistant STC: Carlos Polk – Officially hired on Feb. 11.

Coaching assistant: Kevin Koch – Officially hired on Feb. 11.

Offensive Position Coaches

Quarterbacks: Andrew Janocko – Reportedly agreed to a deal with the Bears on Feb. 3. (Official: Feb. 3)

Running backs: David Walker – Hired on Feb. 9.

Wide receivers: Tyke Tolbert – Reportedly agreed to a deal with the Bears on Feb. 2. (Official: Feb. 3)

Tight ends: Jim Dray – Reportedly signed on with the Bears on Feb. 6. (Official: Feb. 7)

Assistant TE: Tim Zetts – Hired on Feb. 9.

Offensive line: Chris Morgan – Hired on Feb. 2.

Assistant OL: Austin King – Hired on Feb. 7.

Offensive Quality Control: Omar Young – Hired Feb. 9.

Defensive Position Coaches

Defensive line: Travis Smith – Reportedly hired on Feb. 8.

Assistant DL: Justin Hinds – Officially hired on Feb. 11.

Linebackers: Dave Borgonzi – Officially hired on Feb. 2.

Defensive backs: James Rowe – Officially hired on Feb. 4.

Safeties: Andre Curtis – Officially hired on Feb. 10.

Assistant Defensive Backs: David Overstreet II – Officially hired on Feb. 3.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.