Fun Fields Throws, Back to the Future Style Draft, Way Too Early Coach Hire Grades, and Other Bears Bullets

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Fun Fields Throws, Back to the Future Style Draft, Way Too Early Coach Hire Grades, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Portillo’s chocolate covered strawberry milkshake is everything I wanted it to be. It has my co-sign and I hope it is something that comes back as part of a rotation moving forward.

•   Who needs coffee when you’ve got Justin Fields highlight throws?

•   That thread is an absolute treat. And if you have the time, it is worth your full browsing. It’ll be worth it as we fill the offseason void and dream on a better future with Fields slinging it in (and out of) the pocket.

•   I struggle to do these rankings so early after the completion of the process. Nevertheless, it’s fun to look at:

•   So, instead, I’ll offer this: Was there a more perfect fit in this hiring cycle than Josh McDaniels and the Raiders? Those two were meant for each other. I suppose a Byron Leftwich-Jaguars partnership would’ve been ideal in its own right, but Jacksonville Jaguar’d that one good.

•   This one will get a segment Bears fans fired up:

•   It feels like we see an unpopular hire turn into something special every year. So … why not the Bears? And why not this coaching staff? If I was forced to use just one word to describe Chicago’s hire, I’d say safe. Going with a defensive guy is a familiar formula for this franchise. So while I don’t hate it, I’ll acknowledge it isn’t my preferred route when it comes to a hire of this magnitude. And let’s be honest, a handful of these teams will be looking for new coaches in a few years anyway. Hopefully, the Bears don’t have to go knocking on Bill Polian’s door again any time soon.

•   Jeff Hughes (Da Bears Blog) has a different look at some of the Bears’ new coaches, sharing video interviews from previous stops. Chicago’s football team hasn’t been at the forefront of using social media or any other types of traditional mediums to put their coaches out on front street. However, this should change. Not just from my perspective as a content creator. But also, for the fans. There is something about connectivity that comes with these types of videos that makes it easy for fans to latch on and feel a greater bond with their favorite team. Hopefully, the new Bears are more progressive with access. Again, no one is asking for state secrets or nuclear launch codes. But I think everyone would like to get to know their favorite players and coaches a little bit more.

•   Let’s get new GM Ryan Poles a happier training camp memory (starting this summer):

•   I wonder if we’re going back to the future with this upcoming NFL Draft. We recently highlighted a mock draft that had no quarterbacks going in Round 1. Considering team needs and positional importance, it doesn’t seem realistic. But in a way, it does feel feasible. Especially if teams aren’t falling head-over-heels for this crop of QBs. With that in mind, I think we could see a throwback kind of draft. Something that looks like this:

•   One QB, a bunch of linemen on both sides of the trenches, and just one receiver. Assuming the Bears front office has eyes on offensive linemen, a draft like this would throw a wrench in their plans. It is probably too early to project what anyone will do, but it is good to have an idea of which way things will go. Hence, the importance of still following the first rounds of mock drafts despite the Bears not having a pick.

•   I always learn something new about Chicago whenever Dilla does a video:

•   Geez, I can’t imagine why there are so many tickets still available for the biggest game of the football year:

•   Gotta find time to watch this:

•   I’m all for outside-of-the-box ideas, but the Blackhawks considering Cubs Assistant GM Jeff Greenberg for their own general manager opening is a wild one.

•   Get buckets, Zach:

•   Fffffffffffudge:

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