Happy Super Bowl Sunday! And Other Bears Bullets

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Happy Super Bowl Sunday! And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

You’re going to be hungry at some point today. And with that in mind, it feels timely to share my friend Jim’s Detroit Style Pizza recipe. Between this recipe and Matthew Stafford quarterbacking Los Angeles tonight, it’s the closest the Lions will get to being Super Bowl relevant.

•   There is an important football game that will kick off later this afternoon:

•   We made it to Super Bowl Sunday, which put me in a mindset to send across my sincerest thank yous for all of you who have been reading, commenting, sharing, interacting, etc., all year long. And for some, going on six years. The Bears haven’t been able to reach one of these yet since we’ve been around. They’ve made the playoffs twice, but haven’t even won a game. Heck, the offense has put up just two offensive touchdowns in eight quarters. Nevertheless, you’re still here rocking with me. I appreciate that with all sincerity. Hopefully, the Bears will make it worth our while one day.

•   They say never say never, but I’m confident (and comfortable) enough to say I’ll never run for public office. With that being said, if I did, I’d make sure to run on a platform where the Monday after Super Bowl would be a paid national holiday. Once I’ve got the public on my side with that move, I can do all sorts of fun stuff. But we can cross those bridges when we get to them down the line. Until then, get your best sick voices in order for tomorrow.

•   What a wild series of tweets to be reading ahead of the biggest game of the year:

•   In addition to Sean McVay sharing with NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport that he is sticking with his commitment to coaching, ESPN’s Adam Schefter points out that McVay — and his counterpart on Super Bowl Sunday Zac Taylor — are both in line for contract extensions as early as this offseason. McVay has two years left on his deal, while Taylor is about to set forth into the final year of his contract. Talk about a game of leverage! Someone figures to cash in with a win later tonight.

•   To the victors go the spoils, but the cost of success isn’t free. The Rams are expecting to take a hit this offseason with a bunch of assistants on the verge of leaving for promotions elsewhere, per Schefter. Reading through the laundry list of names reminds me of what it was like after watching the Cubs win the World Series in 2016. Don’t get me wrong. I was loving the moment, but also cognizant of the band that put it together would be going out on solo projects of their own after reaching the pinnacle. However, that is the circle of life in the world of sports. Build a champion, but be ready to re-load. Otherwise, you’ll be left in the dust. The rest of the league isn’t going to wait on the Rams.

•   While the future of coaching is on our mind, it’d be nice if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had better answers regarding inclusion and diversity when it came to head coach hires:


•   Last chance to check out the best Super Bowl promos for today if you’re among those who want to bet on the game!

•   Hey, now! This game technically has Bears ties:

•   NBC’s Super Bowl scorebug might’ve been leaked early. (Awful Announcing)

•   Also at Awful Announcing, discussion regarding the potential of an Al Michaels-Troy Aikman booth for Thursday Night Football. The weekly Friday eve game has big dreams of teaming two premier names on the broadcast scene. Michaels has been an ace broadcaster for longer than I’ve been alive. And Aikman has been Joe Buck’s partner on FOX’s “A” team broadcast for a considerable amount of time. Amazon throwing nearly $70 million per game for exclusivity rights suggests it is darn serious about getting this right. At least, I’d be serious about getting it right if I threw that much paper at a weekly football game.

•   Would you be willing to tweak tradition to satisfy a Super Bowl being hosted overseas? The team at Barrett Sports Media explores the possibility of a London Super Bowl, which would likely need a kickoff time at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. CT to make sense for fans in attendance in across the pond and those watching in the states. Much like it felt as if it was only a matter of time before NFL teams began exploring Las Vegas and went back to Los Angeles, a Super Bowl on foreign soil feels inevitable.

•   Because of course Ryan Poles was going to make his first signing an offensive lineman, it was only right for the Bears to make the signing of Willie Wright to a reserve/future contract officially official.

•   The Vikings are entangled with all sorts of former Bears coaches:

•   Plus, in the case of Minnesota’s plan to hire Mike Pettine, it will make two former Packers defensive coordinators joining the Vikings. And two of the least popular defensive play callers in recent Packers lore, to boot.

•   One former Bears coach who won’t be getting a gig this offseason is Vic Fangio, who ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports is likely to take the 2022 season off. Call it a bridge year. Or a gap year. Whatever it is, I feel as if it is a well-earned break for the popular former Bears DC. Fangio has been the architect of four defenses that rank in the top-12 in both scoring and yards over the last five seasons. Much like it was in Chicago, Denver’s inability to build with and around a quarterback ultimately led to a change at the top that ultimately trickled down and pushed Fangio out the door. After taking a year off, Fangio figures to have no shortage of suitors.

•   Nope! Don’t love this:

•   Or this:

•   And I definitely didn’t love the final score in this one:

Author: Luis Medina

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