Around the NFL: Bears-Steelers GM Overlap, Poles Almost Went to NY? Packers Want the Draft, Rodgers Wants HOW MUCH!? More

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Around the NFL: Bears-Steelers GM Overlap, Poles Almost Went to NY? Packers Want the Draft, Rodgers Wants HOW MUCH!? More

Chicago Bears

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Bears Overlap with Steelers

As the Pittsburgh Steelers continue their search to replace GM Kevin Colbert, I’ve been following along closely. Not because of any potential implications for the Bears — who filled their GM vacancy in January, mind you. Instead, because I see Pittsburgh as something close to a model organization. Or, at least, the type of organization the Bears should strive to become (the Rooneys are the blueprint for what a family-owned NFL franchise should be. Full stop.). And so I found it interesting to see how much crossover there has been between the Bears Steelers interviewees.

Take a look for yourself:

Unsurprisingly, teams around the league have eyes for the same hot candidates. But the Steelers, in particular, have spoken with a handful of potential GMs with whom the Bears had discussions. Was Chicago’s process tedious? Sure. But was it thorough, as is the case with the Steelers? YUP.

The Bears had interviews with Morocco Brown, Ran Carthon, Ed Dodds, and Omar Khan. They were scheduled to have an interview with JoJo Wooden. And Joe Horitz was a name that briefly came onto the radar, but an interview was never officially set up. Ultimately, we’re looking at 4-6 names when it comes to the crossover. And if you’re sharing common names with the Steelers, I feel like you’re doing something right.

Poles Almost Wound Up in NY

Circling back, seeing this many names on a wish list makes me wonder if Pittsburgh is about to entertain an organizational restructuring at the top with two of these candidates leading the charge. It isn’t a far-fetched idea. In fact, in the case of the New York Giants, it was something they were trying to do. And with someone Bears fans know quite well:


In a recent podcast about the New York Football Giants, reporter Jordan Raanan notes that in addition to hiring Joe Schoen (who also interviewed for the Bears GM gig) in January — the Giants were also aiming to hire Ryan Poles. Yes, that Ryan Poles. Our Ryan Poles. The same Ryan Poles who Chicago made its general manager back on Jan. 25.

And that caught my attention.

Generally speaking, the Schoen hire was widely applauded (frankly, the same can be said about Poles). Putting them both in the same front office? That would’ve been a home run for the Giants. Even without knowing what could happen down the road, re-shaping your front office with two top candidates makes for good process (even if the result is unknown). And who knows where that would’ve left the Bears. It all makes for a fascinating web of tangled football, to say the least.

Of course, it didn’t happen because the Bears hired Poles and gave him the top job. And shortly after that, Poles brought in an assistant general manger of his own when hiring Ian Cunningham. Again, time will tell how good these hires turned out to be. But re-vamping the front office with two new sets of eyes — one of which comes in the form of someone in a newly created position — feels like a step toward progress for the Bears.

OT Rule Change Banter is Coming

That’s wild.

The Latest in the Aaron Rodgers Saga

After the 2021 offseason left us reading tea leaves trying to figure out what was going on with the Packers QB, Rodgers is being a more accessible, forward facing person this offseason. Then again, you have to be when your decision will ultimately impact your team, current (and future) teammates, the NFC North, and the entire conference altogether. With that being said, Rodgers could leverage this and cash out in a big way.

ESPN’s Dianna Russini delivers the shot:

… while Rodgers pulls up with the chaser:

Rodgers calls it “categorically false” that he wants to be paid as the league’s highest player. A deal that could be worth $50 million per year would be totally bonkers. But when you win back-to-back MVP trophies, then I suppose you can make a case for such a demand. After all, asking for $50 million isn’t all that outlandish when your cap number is already north of $46 million. What’s a few more dollars to make it an even $50 million?

These QB contracts have been skyrocketing since Derek Carr became the NFL’s first player to land a contract that paid him $25 million per year. Ahh … those were the days.

Extra Points

•   The Packers are going international. And frankly, I wouldn’t shed a tear if they lost their passports and were stuck in London forever:

Leaving Rodgers and Davante Adams off the graphic is either a wink-and-a-nod that is rooted in an epic troll job, a slight oversight, or a sign of things to come.

•   Because the Packers just seem to be all over the news cycle today:

The Packers were hoping to snag the 2022 NFL Draft, but that never came to fruition. But that isn’t stopping the team from angling to get a different draft. Having been to Lambeau Field recently on a visit, I’d venture to say that there is enough open space to host the draft weekend activities. But for people who aren’t in a position to take a 3-hour, 7-minute road trip up the highway, I doubt Green Bay is high on the list of ideal places to host the draft.

Also … what has the Washington Football Organization done to merit hosting an upcoming NFL Draft? Considering the franchise’s many off-the-field missteps, the last thing I’d be doing as a league is rewarding Daniel Snyder with anything.

•   What the what?

•   Another Tom Brady nugget:

•   Kyler Murray is being real extra right now:

This feels like a bold attempt to win over the court of public opinion. To that end, kudos to Murray’s agent for waging that battle. Unfortunately, the vibes withe he message above is that this could get worse before it gets better. Maybe I’m reading in between the lines too much, but that statement is a sentence away from essentially declaring that Murray would threaten not playing in 2022 if his contract demands aren’t met. Perhaps that is me taking a leap. And that might be the case. But it feels like there is something brewing underneath the surface that needs to be put to rest before these two sides come to an agreement.

•   Say it with your chest, Kyler:

•   Tag SZN is coming:

•   With Doug Pederson (Jags) and Josh McDaniels (Raiders) leading their respective teams as Year 1 coaches, this will be far less chaotic than had it been Urban Meyer and Jon Gruden meeting up in Canton, Ohio:

•   What took you so long?

•   Glad I’m not alone in gearing up for the Combine:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.